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A.S.H. Auctions was founded in 1994 by Mr Lee Sherratt and Mrs Glennis Hughes along with Mother and Son Mrs B. & Mr R Anchors.

Many people ask where the name A.S.H. Auctions came from, It simply derived...more from our surnames of Anchors, Sherratt & Hughes. We were all very interested in Antiques & Collectables and visited many of the local Auctions, Fairs and Car Boot sales, where we purchased many items of interest. It soon came apparent that to carry on buying we would also have to start to sell some items, as our homes were coming to small for our collections. We began by selling at Fairs & Boot sales, but I was getting more interested in the Auctions. One day, after we had visited a local Auction Sale out of the blue I said "lets start our own sale". This met with all different comments such like "how" , where", "are you mad". The biggest problem was that Glen and myself both worked full time,so the only day we could hold the auction was a Sunday,not letting this spoil things we all decided to give it a go. We stopped selling and began to buy even more,we had to have enough items for a least four sales.We hoped by then to attract vendors to our sales,when we had collected enough items the next task was to find a venue. £1 to £49 - £2 £50 to £99 - £5 £100 + - £10

A.S.H. Auctions
Cobridge Hall
Grange Street (Off Waterloo Road)
Stoke on Trent

Tel: 01782 792585



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