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Established in 2008, Bid for Wine hosts a growing community of over 20,000 members interested in buying and selling fine wines and collectible spirits. Sitting at the heart of Bid for Wine is a Marketplace...more where users trade wine with each other through self-listed offerings. Listings are time limited and bidding takes place exclusively online using our proprietary timed bidding software. Complimenting our users' Marketplace self-listings, Bid for Wine's specialists curate fortnightly Featured Auctions on behalf of sellers as an alternative to self-listing. Both selling formats are presented within the Marketplace which is free for buyers to use. Sellers are charged a commission on their sales. Our industry-beating low commission charges and easy to use system make Bid for Wine an excellent way to sell single bottles or a whole wine cellar. Since launching in 2008 Bid for Wine has hosted over 100,000 user listings, underlining our objective to offer both consumers and collectors a serious alternative to traditional auctioneers and wine brokers. Alongside the Marketplace and Featured Auctions, Bid for Wine periodically offers traditional Live Auctions held in a salesroom and conducted by an auctioneer. These more traditional events also offer members the opportunity to buy items online using our proprietary Bidstream simulcast live bidding software.

Bid for Wine
220 Queenstown Road

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