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Time Art (Canada)
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Our antique auction house website invites you to view exquisite treasures. Antiques and artwork are all too often surrounded with an air of mystery. This creates a sense of distance that can be difficult...more to overcome. These fine creations are often seen in the context of an extraordinary object that is far removed from daily life. Artwork is covered and stored away in vaults far from the public eye; antiques are shelved and often forgotten. Although these incredible creations can command an enormous amount of attention, their meaning often gets lost in the shuffle to appraise, market, invest and evaluate. These treasures have an ineffable sense of charm precisely because they reveal the full potential of the human capacity for creation and creativity; this belongs in daily life, not in a storage facility. The ability to create derives from the same life force that flows through every human being. This inspirational way of looking is as important as the artwork itself. After all, art exists within interactions of perception.

Time Art (Canada)
23 Lesmill Road #101
M3B 3P6

Tel: +1 (647)-640-9777



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