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1974 Winston Churchill Centenary, The Coalport 'Sir Winston Churchill' vase, 1974, in the form of a twin handled urn, Limited Edition numbered 7 of 200, commissioned by Francis Sinclair of Doncaster, the obverse with a hand painted view of Blenheim Palace, painted by J Ravenscroft, on the reverse the Churchill Coat of Arms flanked by silhouette of Sir Winston and garlands of oak leaves and acorns,...

The Spode Churchill Vase 1965, commissioned by Thomas Goode & Company, Limited Edition 41 of 125, 35cm high, decorated in claret and white with extensive gilding, to the front Churchill's portrait contained within the Royal Blue and Gold belt of the Order of the Garter, with his title around the top of the vase and American Citizenship from the base

The Paragon Churchill cigar casket, Limited Edition 330 of 500, the cedar lined casket, decorated in Royal Blue and heightened in gilt, commemorating the Centenary of Winston Churchill, the lid bearing the Churchill Coat of Arms, complete with certificate, AF

Paragon, Patriotic Series, a group of four cups and saucers, three in green glaze and one in blue, together with three Paragon Patriotic circular dishes (11)

Lord Nelson/Nelson Ware, a collection of ceramics all with the same image of Winston Churchill in front of a Naval ship with quote 'There'll always be an England', two type of designs to the rims, gilt and lustre style, including butter dish, tankard, milk jug, cups, saucers, dishes, ashtray and more (parcel)

A group of four Danish Bikuben Soholm pottery money box busts, the Limited Edition bust in the form of World Leaders, comprising Winston Churchill (889/3000), John F Kennedy (3176/4000), Josip Broz Tito (3769/4000) and Charles De Gaulle (187/4000) (4)

Kirklands Embassy Ware, two Winston Churchill Commemorative jugs, one in a cream glaze, the other in colour, maker's stamps to the bases, both 19cm h (2)

Peggy Davies, two Winston Churchill Limited Edition Loving Cups, both modelled by Andy Moss, one in cream with black handles (30/250), the other in coloured glazed (59/250), both with COA (4)

Burleigh Ware, three twin handled loving cups depicting Churchill and Roosevelt, 'Champion of Democracy', one in a reddish glazed the other in white (3)

Churchill, a collection of various tableware ceramics each with the 1951-55 transfer design of Churchill, various maker's and ages, including a couple of pieces marked Prince William Warranted 22 Carat Gold, to include mugs, cups, saucers, small dishes and more (parcel)

Tom Clark, a 1991 resin figure of a seated Winston Churchill, holding the script of his first speech as Prime Minister to the House of Commons, 33cm high

Figural Ashtrays, a group of five figural ashtrays, to include 'Who Said Hitler?' with the figure of a Bulldog, in plaster (AF), Winston the Winner, V for Victory and two more (AF)

Royal Brierley, a Commemorative Winston Churchill glass goblet, the bowl with extensive engraving by Tom Jones, Limited Edition number 104 of 500, approx. 15.5cm high, together with three cased Commemorative glassware items, to includes Webb Corbett Toasting glass, a Stuart Glass wine glass, a pair of Bor Glass etched glasses and an Edinburgh Crystal Glass Company Limited Edition bell with cert, 164...

Glassware, a collection of Winston Churchill etched Commemorative toasting and wine glasses, including a Limited Edition Whitefriars (66/100) with cert and box, two by David Smith, and more (8)

Royal Doulton, a small collection of WWII period transfer printed ceramics, to include an incomplete trinket box, missing lid, a tankard, two small dishes, a cup and a beaker, all with the quote 'This Was Their Finest Hour' to the bases )parcel)

Doggie People, a large Robert Harrop Limited Edition Bulldog Winston, DPB07, 173 of 750, together with a smaller example CC94 (2)

Silver Centenary Presentation dish by Walker & Hall, dated Sheffield 1973/74, the dish with a relief of Churchill to the centre, his name to the top and quote 'Never in the field of Human Conflict was so much owed by so many to so few August 1940'

A bronze figure of a British Bulldog, wearing a bowler hat and smoking a cigar, no obvious maker's mark, 16cm high, together with a similar in resin (2)

Two Burleigh Ware cream glazed Toby Jugs by John Bull, one in pure cream glazed, the other with applied definition, approx. 28cm H

A Burleigh Ware Churchill Toby Jug, by John Bull, the colour variation where Churchill is wearing a blue jacket and blue bow tie, 29cm H

A WWI period Wedgwood Allied Flags teacup and saucer, together with a selection of WWII Alfred Meakin ceramic tableware, titled 'Champions of Democracy', comprising cups, saucers, beakers, plates and more (parcel)

A WWII Period Newport Pottery prototype figure of Winston Churchill, unmarked to the base, together with a Newport Pottery figure, of full colour design, marked ' Made in England to the base, approx. 17.5cm H (2_

A group of Royal Winton Character jugs, all from the 'Man of the Year' series, the graduated set comprising two large (one black hat , one grey), two medium, (one black hat, other grey), and two small, (both grey hats), 7cm-15cm, all with maker's stamp to the bases (6)

A Kevin Francis Limited Edition ceramic Winston Churchill Bust from the Millennium Bust Series, 14 of 100, modelled by Ray Noble, in cream, approx. 29cm H

A group of seven Winston Churchill character jugs, all of the same form, with different designs, one with hand written 'Tony Wood Family Pottery' to base, another 'Pride of Britain' by Woods & Sons, one with with marked 'Happy Birthday Dad, 1989, and more (7)

Carlton Ware, Nine Winston Churchill Limited Edition Character Jugs, comprising Red Uniform 41/100, Khaki Uniform 58/100 and White Uniform 32/100, a 'Prototype' navy cap and blue uniform with ribbon board, plus two others one in Khaki, the other in blue, and Three Winston Churchill 'Trial' Character jugs, trialling different colour variation, including all white, red uniform and dark/navy blue uniform,...

A collection of etched glassware, comprising tankards and hi ball tumblers, etched with Churchill and other World Leaders, with Commemorative gilt decorated glass decanter and stopper by Garrard & Co, commemorating the Centenary of Churchill's Birth, together with another decanter and stopper with etched design, a Limited Edition Commemorative glass tankard by Frank Thrower 562/1000, plus three wine...

Glassware, a large collection of various sets and single items, majority with etched designs of Churchill and World Leaders, various styled drinking glasses and more (parcel)

A carved wooden Winston Churchill ashtray music box, with Swiss Reuge movement, together with a 1940s desk top cigarette holder, a pottery lighter in the form of the bust of Churchill, plus two other items (parcel)

A cast metal figure of Sir Winston Churchill by N Thorley, on marble base, approx. 34cm H

A pair of unnamed busts of Winston S. Churchill, one in bronze, the other in marble, both with his name to the base, both approx. 33cm H (2)

Heyfron, a small bronze bust if Winston Churchill by Heyfron, together with a bronzed resin bust also by Heyfron, plus a plaster bust of Winston Churchill by Jon Douglas, together with two plaster wall plaques by Jon Douglas, all in cream, af

Four early 20th Century pottery Churchill Tank teapots, possibly Sadler, in four different colour variations, Yellow, Cream, Light Green and Khaki, three with polychrome decoration, all AF

A Limited Edition Bairstow Manor standing figure of Winston Churchill, Man of the Century, 247/500, 425/500, 27/500, together with three Prototypes (6)

Three Lady Grace China Limited Edition Toby Jugs, all marked 'Air Commodore Winston Churchill 40th Anniversary of his Death 1965, Our Skipper During the Second World War' to the bases of them all, three colour variations, including RAF Blue Uniform (75/650), Cream Uniform (13/650) and all white (55/650), all 29cm H (3)

Two Bairstow Manor Pottery Man of the Century Centenary Club Limited Edition Figures, A Man in a hurry at the odds with the world', one in green (36/100), and the other in red (37/100) (2)

A collection of Royal Winton Churchill-Roosevelt themed ceramics, including dishes, small vases, cups and saucers, and more, together with an extensive collection of Winston Churchill ceramic tableware, comprising cups and saucers, mugs, dishes and more, from various manufacturers, including Sutherland, Hammersley, Lancaster and Crown Devon (parcel)

Two Wilton Pottery Winston Churchill Character jugs, both in white glaze, together with a Sylvac Churchill bust, and another unnamed Churchill bust (4)

A Ducal Ware Liberty and Freedom teapot, together with a George VI Newhall Pottery 1950 Man of the Century Winston Churchill teapot, plus a James Sadler Winston Churchill VE Day teapot, a Bairstow Manor Limited Edition 'The Yalta Tea Party' (90/750), a Staffordshire 50 Years Anniversary of World War II, one in the form of a car with Union Jack decoration, the other in the form of a bi-plane, and...

A WWII resin bust of Sir Winston Churchill, on large wooden plinth, dated 1945 to the base, with circular plaques to each side, with various Churchill Quotations, together with another resin bust of Churchill in Knight of the Garter uniform (2)

A large reconstituted faux alabaster bust of Sir Winston Churchill, stamped Copyright H.W UK to back, Churchill wearing his Distinguished Service Order, approx. 47cm H (Heavy)

A collection of WWII and later Churchill tableware, comprising a WWII 'Utility' jug, ashtrays, cups and saucers, lidded boxes, plates and more (parcel)

Winston Churchill facsimilie signature, a framed and glazed montage of a letter from the Senior Boys of Holt School in Lockerbie, dated 1954, wishing Winston Churchill Happy 80th Birthday, with a reply from Churchill on Downing Street headed paper, with black and white photograph of Churchill to top centre, presented to M.S. Withrow on leaving in 1955, 55cm x 41cm, together with two amateur artworks...

A rare Copeland Spode figure of Churchill, modelled by Eric Olsen, Churchill donning his signature three-piece suit, black jacket and waistcoat, with pin-stripe trousers, 22.5cm H

A Kevin Francis Limited Edition Churchill- Boer War Centenary Toby jug, modelled by Andy Moss, 148/500, with another Kevin Francis Toby jug, Naval Churchill, in blue uniform, 582/750, plus a Manor Limited 'Winston the Artist' figure, 353/3000 (3)

Two Lady Grace China figures, comprising Sir Winston & Lady Churchill 'Greatest Briton Ever', Limited Edition 18/350, and 'Winston is Back', 7/100, together with a Manor Limited Edition 'Winston the Bricklayer', 208/3000, AF (3)

A group of eight early Winston Churchill figures, consisting of wooden and plaster examples, all hand painted, various conditions

A small collection of early Winston Churchill ceramics, to include Coronet Ware For Burslem tankards, a Skerretts tankard, a Royal Staffordshire jug and more, AF (parcel)

Showing 1-48 of 423 lots
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