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Thomas Edison, death mask copy, cast from the original in 1994 --14in high, mounted on an oak stand

An Edison Standard phonograph, Model A No. 231637, with 'square' lid with end catches, Combination gear attachment, C reproducer and 14-inch witch's hat horn, no winder

An HMV Model 109 Table Grand Gramophone, mahogany version, with HMV No.4 Soundbox, Nipper and Model Transfers, twin front doors, with a pyramid needle tin, some loose needles, and a selection of 78 Records, covering Waltz, Dance and Classical Genres

A coin-operated 15½ inch upright Polyphon disc musical box, retailed by Nicole Freres (Leipzig Showrooms), with large open plate spring motor behind glazed panel, single-side coin chute with gilt escutcheon and plaque, oak soundboard, Polyphon plaque to top frieze (lacking pediment), with ten discs, complete with winder and key, missing key to front drawer, restored

A Songster Portable Gramophone, with Songster soundbox, nickel fittings, in black rexine case, together with an Edison Bell portable gramophone, with EB soundbox, EB259 label, in black resin case (2)

An HMV Model 101M Portable gramophone, with HMV No.4 soundbox, nickel fittings, in black rexine case

A good HMV Model 102 Portable gramophone, blue version, with HMV No.5A soundbox

A Decca 'bowl-in-lid' Portable gramophone, with typical reflector dish horn in lid, Decca soundbox, in black rexine case

A Peter Pan Portable gramophone, flat-lid model, now fitted with an Academy No.2 soundbox, Peter Pan plaque, in black rexine case

A 'Puck' lyre-form Phonograph, with typical floating reproducer, part red painted conical horn, with one cylinder in carton

A 'Puck' lyre-form Phonograph, with boxed reproducer, and part red horn AF

An Ericsson Crystal set, type 1002/1, with enclosed detector on ebonite panel, in oak case with post-Corporation black and gold transfer, with a pair of Lilliput 2000 ohm headphones (2)

An early Home-Constructor Crystal set, with Ballard enclosed detector, mottled ebonite panel, plug-in loading coil, a later Atlas LM/MW Crystal set with red base, and some spare Galena Crystal clusters

An Electrocolour Home Recorder, in original box

7-inch Berliner Records, six examples - 'Celebrity Polka', The Banda Rosea, (94Z), 'In The Starlight', Messers Chambers & Snow, (3649), 'Sweet Rosey O'Grady', 'El Capitan', Sousa's Band (42ZZ), 'Sally Warner', Steve Porter, (1757), 'Marourmeem', George Gaskin, (1804), together with a good Tucks Gramophone Record postcard album of thirteen records, another album from Aircraft Products Ltd, plus a record...

A Scarce Helvetia Disc Musical Photograph album, circa 1900, bound and tooled in dark red leather, colour lithographed pages, with some containing photographs, with seven discs

A late 19th Century Musical photograph album, with typical two cylinder musical movement with single section comb, good colour lithographed pages, bound in red fabric, with gilt fret mounts

An Edison Gem phonograph, with Model H reproducer, black finished body with transfers, lacking horn

A large collection of 78rpm Records, including Classical, together with some spares

A collection of Carey Blyton (1932-2002) sheet music, including In Lighter Mood, three smoking songs, (Havana, Ode to a Fag or Smoke Gets in your Lungs, I Like It), Ladies only, (Some Wench, What a Display, Cutting Him Dead, The Mating Game, King David & King Solomon) and more (parcel)

A Musical Box playing twelve airs, most certainly by Paillard Vaucher et fils, circa 1880, with single-spring motor, single section comb, unusual emerald end stone, ebonised interior, lacking tunesheet, in grained case with period swing handle, mounted to front panel, 20in (51cm) wide, the cylinder 11in, (28cm)

A Collector's table top cabinet, ideal for coins, medal, lighters, etc, with six lined drawers, the bottom being double the depth, brass carry handles to either side, 52cm x 29cm x 37cm

A large collection of Bowling pin badges, from various clubs, including Friary Park, Pyster Indoor, Knowle Bristol, Weston Super Mare, Banister Park, North Kent, Torquay, Surrey, Bitton Park, Frome, Slough, St Andrews, Seaford and many more, various ages (parcel)

A London Hospital League of Nurses white metal and enamel badge, awarded to J.S Marshall Nov.1964-Dec.1967, together with a General Nursing Council badge for England and Wales, also awarded to Marshal, plus a silver nurses belt buckle and red belt, dated London 1975, by JHL

A large collection of Analog Science Fiction books, 1960s & 1970s, together with Robert A Heinlein - The Past Through Tomorrow Book 1 & 2 (3 crates)

An extensive and large collection of Giles Annuals, various Series and Annuals, approx. 150+

A collection of technical drawing related books and equipment, including mechanical pencils, compasses, geometry equipment, and much more (parcel)

A group of seven walking sticks and canes, to include one with silver top, one with plated top, one with silver collar and terminal, one with an antler handle and ore (parcel)

An Australian Boomerang, with hand carved decorative design, with the name Peter, 77cm diameter

A carved soapstone figure, in the Inuit style, AF, with carved signature to the base Colin **andy, 20.5cm H, AF

A modern wooden Tribal paddle, with 53cm long leaf shaped top, with lower 37cm shaft with spherical pommel

A selection of tribal items, to include two wooden Hima milk jugs, a tripod stool, beadwork covered bottle, and other items

A GPO Telephone relay, (17408), together with a S.G Brown Ltd Type F head set, plus another style, and a telecommunication microphone

Prussian Manuscript Geneaological Grant of Arms and Pedigree of the Counts von Dyhrn dated 1797, on vellum, granted by Friedrich King of Prussia, probably for Ernst, Prussian chancellor, including two painted representations of family armorial, addenda for subsequent family, and Brighton undertaker's bill for family member, 1891

An Alinco X10 Wide Band Communication Receiver, together with an Yupiter MVT-3300EU Receiver and a Uniden Bearcat receiver, two missing aerials (AF)

A pair of leather cowboy boots, marked 7½ to inner, the light brown boots, with dark brown and cream leather decoration to the sides, complete with spurs

The Protector Lamp & Lighting Co Ltd No.6 lamp, in brass, 25cm tall

A vintage Raphael Tuck & Sons sign, Publishers to the Queen, 51cm x 38in cardboard, advertising Christmas & New Year Cards 1900, 51cm x 38cm

A reproduction Players ''Weights'' Cigarette advertising sign, in wood, with three dimensional design, featuring a horse and cart, with a hand painted automobile, 80cm x 53cm

A J.S. Fry & Sons Ltd glazed display, By Special Royal Appointment' for Frys Choice Chocolate, with curved glazed front, with two glass shelves, 49cm x 45.5cm

A late 19th Century sketchbook, circa 1880, filled with well painted floral pictures,

An assortment of Deeds, circa 16th Century, all with their original wax seals, together with facsimile of The Times, dated November 7th 1805, reporting on the Battle of Trafalgar

A Friend in Need', five crested china nurses, one with Scots Guard crest, together with a 'Soldier's Friend' example, plus two other nurses (parcel)

A collection of approximately 30 crested Ambulances, from various manufacturers, including Arcadian, Savoy, Willow, Sussex, Carlton and more, plus an Ambulance Salt and Pepper (parcel)

An assortment of Red Cross and St John Ambulance related items, including silver plated paperweight, various pin and cloth badges, medallions, overseas belt buckles, Will Military Motors cigarette card and more (parcel)

A hand built metal Military Ambulance toy, with plaque to underside 'Charles Pike, 62 Sherwell Hill Torquay'

A group of three telephones, one in black, another in yellow, the other in green with brown receiver

An extensive collection of modern original Cartoon Artwork Cards, for numerous cartoon strips, approx. 50, together with a small collection of Concert Advertisements and programmes circa 1900 (a lot)

Showing 1-48 of 548 lots
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