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Edison Bell literature, The Story of Edison Bell, 1924; CLPGS reprint 1967; A Short History of Edison Bell, 1892-33 (Dominic Combe 2009); EB Gold moulded records, Lists Nos. 5 & 6 with supplements and No. 11 (Homestead advertised on cover, includes Sterling); a Sterling catalogue No. 12, n.d., with supplement No. 18 June 1906; two reprinted E-B catalogues and a Pathé (London) reprint cylinder catalogue,...

Edison literature, mainly Diamond Disc: a folder of Diamond Disc record supplements, No 2 (March 1914 - No. 72 (not complete); a retail stock list of Edison Re-Creations (n.d.); a reprint 1913 list; and a small bundle of other Diamond Disc and Blue Amberol supplements, circa 1912-22, in two folders; and Edison Diamond Discs 50001-52651, by Fred J Karlin

Edsion literature, a folder of replica Edison phonograph catalogues; and three small framed Edison advertisements (4)

Edsion literature, a folder of miscellaneous U.S. magazine advertisments for Edison, letters to and from Edison and dealers; a 'Song of Mister Phonograph' poster; a set of replica drawings for the tinfoil phonograph; and a folder of photographs, advertisements, stock certificates and other ephemera

World's Inventors, a booklet illustrated with diagrams and colour portraits of Edison and 49 other inventors, by Allen & Ginter, cigarette manufacturers, Richmond, Virginia.

Edison literature, mainly UK related: Edison and Music, illustrated catalogue of D. Disc machines with inserted price reduction list, from Harrods, n.d.; New Gem, full page magazine advertisement, Direct Supply Co, 1901; a Master Product of a Master Mind, colour-illustrated catalogue of Amberolas c. 1920 (USA); a Tone Test programme, Jake Graham, Liverpool, 1923; and seven various dealers' letters

Gramophone ephemera, a 1914 HMV Celebrity catalogue, mounted in a hard cover, inscribed on flyleaf To my dear friend Robert Nathan, with every good wish and happiest memories of 20 Newport Court -- Colin Shreve 1947; an E-B Chromic needle booklet; an HMV instruction sheet for fibre needles; and a magazine advertisement for Berliner Gram-o-phone, 1896 (4)

Edison advertising, a blue plush cloth banner advertising Edison Radio -- 53 x 60in. (135 x 152cm.) (nap worn)

Phonograph accessories, Two USA advertising record pads; an Edison gear change lever; five Edison steel needle packets; a Hughes stylus packet; a Columbia fibre cutter in carton; and four other items (14)

Gramophone accessories, an early G.E.C. magnetic pick-up; a G.A.B. Perfecta fibre cutter in carton; an EMG Davey fibre cutter; an HMV speed tester; two record pads; and three Tungstyle needle tins.

A Vicsonia reproducer, for playing Edison Discs on a gramophone, with copy of instructions

Phonograph accessories, mainly Edison: two Edison oil bottles; a tube of Edison Spring Lubricant; an Edison oil can; a grease jar; three two-piece Gem/Fireside horn cranes, different diameters; a speaking tube; and other items

Phonograph accessories, a rare electric automatic brake for Edison Disc phonographs, with a copy of instructions (for battery power); and a capacitor and other electrical items

Four-minute gear, a rare Pleasance/Premier Mfg. Co. 4-minute gear attachment for a Standard phonograph, with copy of Patent Abridgement

Edison reproducer, a Disc reproducer, Dance Model, nickel finish

Edison reproducer, a rare Disc reproducer for exterior horn use, with ball and socket outlet

Edison reproducer, Edisonic, with gilt finish, in plush-lined carton (for standard reproducer); and a Jewel lateral-cut reproducer for Diamond Disc phonographs (2)

Edison reproducer, a Diamond D cylinder reproducer, nickel finish

Edison reproducer, a Diamond B cylinder reproducer, nickel finish

Edison reproducers, a Model H 4-minute reproducer; a Gem recorder; a Model B 2-minute reproducer, in circular carton of early Gram. Co. type; and an adaptor ring (4)

Phonograph accessories, an Argosy spring-tension 4-minute reproducer; and a Sykes Electrograph cylinder pick-up with Diamond B weight (2)

Phonograph accessories, an Edison Bell Crystol 4-minute reproducer; and a New Model in adapter ring (2)

An Edison Standard phonograph, Model A No. S144854, in mahogany case (lacking lid), with Combination gears, S twin-stylus reproducer, Hilton's patent speed indicator, swith attachment, banner transfer and 23-inch brass horn with crane

An Edison Radio Phonograph Combination, Model C-2, No. JC 1520, in walnut cabinet with tapering reeded legs joined by curved X-stretchers, the doors enclosing control panel and speaker with four record albums -- 48 ½ in. high, with copies of service manuals and a transformer

Thomas Edison, death mask copy, cast from the original in 1994 --14in high, mounted on an oak stand

Edison Record Catalogues, Diamond Disc Re-Creations, one with Mrs T A Edison, Llewellyn Park typed on cover (4) and Blue Amberols (2) (6)

Edison Record Catalogues, Diamond Discs, 1913, 1924 and others (6) and HMV Records 1933 (1) (7)

The Edison Phonograph Monthly Vol. I to Vol. XIV facsimile, 1903-1916, Wendell Moore, 1976-1989, no. 218

Edison biographies and related books, period, Edison and His Inventions, 1879, Fifty Years of Edison Progress, 1918, Edison His Life and Inventions, 2 vols, 1929, The Phonograph and how to use it (2) (12) and modern books (15) (27)

Reference books, Edison Disc Artists and Records 1910-1929, 2nd edition, Blue Amberol Recordings Vol 2 1915-1929, Edison Cylinder Records 1889-1912, and others (22), with Christie's South Kensington EMI Collection catalogue, 27 September 1980, and quantity of Hillandale News and For The Record magazines (qty)

Edison ephemera, period framed and glazed flyers and magazine cut-outs, various sizes, modern framing (9)

Edison ephemera, printed paper wall-hanging Edisonic disc advertisements, wire suspension clips, circa 1928 (4), with fourteen frames of ephemera, including eight vintage silver prints of Edison factory after 1914 fire (18)

Edison Diamond Discs, Schubert trio 80898 - 80901, New York Trio; ten other instrumental records by Rachmaninov, Prihoda and others; and two tuning records (16)

Edison Diamond Discs, mixed content, dance bands, popular vocals and theatre songs and tunes, including Johnny Ryan, Charleston Seven, Louisiana Five, Marguerite Farrell, Arthur Hall, Clyde Doerr, Vernon Dalhart and others (40)

Edison Diamond Discs, Duke Yellman, including seven 52000 numbers (19) and Don Voorhees (7) (26)

Edison Diamond Discs, all 52000 numbers, mixed content, dance bands, organ solos and popular vocals including B A Rolfe, Pop Collins, Al Friedman, Golden Gate Orchestra and Winegar's Penn. Boys and others (31)

Edison Diamond Discs, all 52000 numbers, mixed content, dance bands and popular vocals, including Joe Green, Dale Wimbrow, B A Rolfe, Frank Cornwell, (38)

Edison Diamond Discs, jazz and popular vocals - The Jazz-O-Harmonists (possibly including Miff Mole and Phil Napoleon (7) and Georgia Melodians (6) (13)

Edison Diamond Discs, mixed content, novelties, blues, vocals and foxtrots, including Joe Candullo Windy City Blues, joint writing credit to Jelly Roll Morton, Johnny Marvin, Frank Crum, Tennessee Happy Boys, Rachael Grant, Frank Luther, Ernest Hare and others (19)

Edison Diamond Discs, Vaughan De Leath - seven 52000 numbers and one 51000 number, including Little Yaller Dog, Sunshine and Hello Bluebird (8)

Edison Diamond Disc, Vaughan De Leath - Honey (I'se A-Waitin' Jes Fo' Yo') 52651-L / Oh! Susanna, 52651 (1)

Edison Diamond Discs, mixed content, jazz, dance bands, popular vocals, foxtrots including Jack Dalton and The 7 Blue Babies, 52621, Congo Four, California Ramblers, late issue 52638, Irving Aaronson's Crusaders, Frisco 'Jass' Band (3), Original Memphis Five (Phil Napoleon, Frank Signorelli and possibly Miff Mole), Earl Oliver's Jazz Babies (5), Ellen Coleman and Louisiana Five (3) (17)

Edison Diamond Discs, Wilbur Sweatman's Brownies, 51438, Noble Sissle, 50754, Phil Napoleon, Five Pennies, written by Red Nichols, 52147, Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band, Jazbo Jazz - One Step and Phil Baker's bad Boys (5)

Edison Diamond Discs, mixed content, dance bands, popular vocals and theatre songs and tunes, including The All Star Trio, Golden Gate Orchestra, Nat Martin, Billy Wynne, Willie Creager, Clyde Doerr and Dave Harman (34)

Edison Diamond Discs, mixed content, dance bands, popular vocals and theatre songs and tunes, including Billy Wynne, Donald Lindley, Harold Stern, Jack Albin, B A Rolfe, Nathan Glanz, Jazzarimba Orchestra, Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra, Ernie Golden, Mike Speciale, and others, with three discs with photocopied labels (50)

Twenty-five 10-inch vocal records, by Borelli (2), Borg (2), A. Borgioli (3), Borghetti, Borisenko, Borthayre, Botel (2), Bourdin (7), Bouvier, Boyer, Bradshaw, Branzell, Braschi (25)

Twenty-nine 10-inch vocal records, by Chamlee (19), Ciaparelli, Cibelli, Ciccolini (2), Cigada, Cigna, Cilla (4), (29)

Twenty-nine 10-inch vocal records, by Dobkin, Doloukhanova (4), Dolivo, Domgaff-Fassbaender (9), Dominici (2), Dons, Dornay, Dorner, Doubrovsky (2), Dowd (33rpm acetate farewell concert), Downar, Dragonette, Drago-Hrzic (2), Drezdenskiej, (29)

Showing 1-48 of 433 lots
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