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An early 20th century Moorcroft pottery baluster vase, c. 1916, with Peacock feather pattern, Impressed mark to the base Moorcroft, Burslem, England, 16.5cm high

Two items of Aldermaston pottery, comprising a handled jug, 17.5cm high and large tray 38cm wide, both with marks to the underside (2)

Three ceramic platters, comprising an early 20th century Copeland stoneware blue and white transferware Willow pattern, 52cm wide, 19th century a pearlware stone china example 37cm wide and a mid 20th century tray with boat design 45cm wide (3)

An early 20th century late Meiji period Japanese glazed earthenware ginger jar, with raised dragon and cloud design on a brown ground, (AF) 8cm high

An early 19th century Chinese blue and white dish, pie crusted rim, foliate and butterfly decoration, faux Ming Dynasty six-character mark to the underside 8cm diameter

An early 19th century Chinese porcelain bottle vase, purple dragon design on a white ground, with a Kangxi character mark to the underside 13cm high

Four items of Chinese and Japanese ceramics, comprising an early 20th century vase, famille verte style with gilt lion handles, 24cm high, a twin handled mid 20th century satsuma style vase, a crackled glaze ginger jar with four-character mark to the underside of the base and a small canton style vase, 10.5cm high, all AF (4)

A 1970's Wedgwood Jasperware plaque titled 'The Seasons', green design depicting four cherubs, impressed marks to the underside, in a Hogarth style frame, frame size 19.5cm x 34.5cm

Valerio Berruti (Italian, b. 1977), a limited edition ceramic plaque for his paradise lost series, no. 52/200, in a fitted gift box, plaque size 19cm x 14cm

An early 20th century Chinese footed porcelain bowl, depicting mythical creatures with balloons and ribbons on a yellow ground, internally a turquoise ground, with a six-character mark to the underside of the base 7.5cm high and 15.5cm diameter

A pair of late 19th/early 20th century Chinese canton vases, famille verte pallet, panels depicting birds in fauna and people in their houses, each with four raised mythical creatures, and handles in the form of dogs, 35cm high, AF (2)

A pair of late 19th century Japanese ceramic baluster vases with covers, both with red and gilt grounds, two panels both depicting people in a domestic surrounding and boating on a river, both covers with fruit finials, AF, 33cm high (2)

A glazed terracotta covered 'Bideford Possett Pot', by Harry Juniper, dated 1981, pedestal form with three handles and three spouts, the with berry decoration, the with four figures, two drinking and two playing instruments , marked Harry Juniper Bideford to the underside of the base, total height 34cm

A glazed terracotta triple handled Bideford pot, by Harry Juniper, dated '95' to the base, mythical beast handles, with fish design, 26cm high

A 19th century ceramic treacle glazed 'Frog' twin handled tankard, depicting figures and dogs, with two frogs internally, 17cm high

Three 19th century stoneware salt-glazed triple handled tankards, depicting hunting scenes, one with a metal collar, two with handles in the form of dogs, the tallest 19cm high, AF (3)

A named and dated glazed terracotta jug by Harry Juniper, commemorating the silver wedding anniversary of Janice Button and Allan Gillibrand, 17.5cm high

Two 19th century ceramic jugs, one a salt-glazed example with depicting hunting scenes and with a handle depicting a dog, the other a glazed example, both AF, 18.5cm and 17cm high (2)

A large collection of Janine Mannion-Jones studio pottery glazed stoneware mugs, comprising ten blue examples with Latin inscriptions and seven yellow/brown mugs also with Latin inscriptions, all with makers marks (17)

A large collection of Lea Phillips glazed stoneware mugs and jugs, with colourful glazed designs, of varying sizes, the tallest mug 12.5cm high (12)

A collection of studio pottery, including three glazed stoneware mugs by Janine Mannion-Jones, a narrow necked vase, two further vases and others (9)

A collection of ceramic transfer tankards, including twin handled examples, three modern Wade limited edition examples, one with a large chip, a lustre jug, three 'frog' examples one by Till & Sons, marked to the base, all AF (10)

A large glazed earthenware cider flagon by Trevor Picter of White Horse pottery, 37cm high, together with another earthenware flagon by the St. Ives School, 34cm high (2)

Two glazed ceramic puzzle jugs, one a 19th century example, with inscription and damaged, 19cm high, together with a 20th century example in a brown and yellow glaze and with an inscription too, 16.5cm high (2)

Two Tenmoku glazed stoneware jugs, of differing sizes, both with partial marks beneath the handles, 27cm & 20cm in height (2)

A stoneware tenmoku glazed vase by Marianne de Trey, impressed mark towards the base, 25cm high, together with a brown glazed terracotta wall pocket by Michael Cardew, 23cm high (2)

A collection of studio pottery, comprising a salt glazed stoneware vase, 29cm high, a square vase incised Yamura to the base 27.5cm high, an oxide glazed stoneware handled ewer, 23cm high, an orange and white striped porcelain curved vase, 25cm high and a small glazed ewer 17.5cm high (5)

An early 20th century porcelain cheese plate and cover, with gilt edges and bird design, triangular in shape, together with a 19th century salt glazed jug, 12.5cm high and a 'Farmers Arms' ceramic jug monogrammed and with an inscription (AF) 23cm high (3)

Two items of porcelain studio pottery, one shaped vase by Margaret Macdonald, stamped to the base 21cm high, together with a reticulated shaped vase 19.5cm high (2)

A large twin handled studio pottery terracotta pot, partial glaze, with partial makers mark stamped towards the base 29.5cm high

Six partially glazed studio pottery terracotta mugs stamped Baxter, 10cm high, together with eight glazed stoneware mugs with 'buttons' and two with 'laces' all with JH marked to the base, all approx. 8cm high (16)

Three items of studio pottery, comprising a footed bowl, 19.5cm wide, a painted glazed earthenware bowl with mark to the underside, and a four footed square tray by Catriona McLeod and marked to the base 36cm wide (3)

A late 18th/ early 19th century salt-glazed ceramic flattened ewer, circular in the form of a moon flask, with losses and wear 23.5cm wide, AF

Three early 19th century twin handled graduated baluster terracotta ewers, partially salt-glazed, the largest 22cm high, together with two small terracotta vessels, 4.5cm high, AF (5)

Seven early 19th century partially salt-glazed terracotta jugs, of slightly varying sizes, the tallest 19cm high, AF (7)

Five early 19th century partially salt-glazed terracotta jugs, and a handled ewer, of graduated sizes, the tallest 24cm high, AF (6)

Six early 19th century partially salt-glazed terracotta jugs, of graduated sizes, the tallest 26cm high, AF (6)

A 20th century terracotta vase, with three spiral handles, internally glazed, the rim painted in green, 28cm high

A collection of studio pottery, comprising a glazed earthenware bowl by Patrick Galtie, a glazed footed bowl by David Body 17.5cm wide, a stoneware curved four footed panel with colourful design 15cm x 18cm, a black and coral glazed bowl by Leanne Koepp-Maddy 6.5cm H, a shaped glazed stoneware Riviera Vase 23cm H, a shaped bowl, un-glazed outer and a small stoneware pot and cover by Eeles Simon, impressed...

A collection of studio pottery, comprising two green glazed earthenware saucers with brown slip decoration by Sydney Tustin both with impressed marks to the base and 15.5cm D, a glazed stoneware footed rose dish, shaped rim with pierced centre by John Calver 19cm wide, a Tenmoku stoneware narrow necked vase by Harry Horlock-Stringer, impressed mark to the underside 26cm H, a lustre glazed stoneware...

A collection of studio pottery, comprising a narrow necked biscuit ground stoneware vase by Derek Clarkson, impressed mark to the base 18cm H, an internally glazed stoneware bowl with an impressed St. Ives pottery mark 19cm wide, an oviform un-glazed painted terracotta vase 21cm H, a small footed stoneware footed bowl with a red glaze and lustre rim by Peter Willis, impressed mark towards the base...

A collection of studio pottery, comprising a baluster narrow necked stoneware vase with grey faded glaze by Nanette Berresford 30.5cm H, a short stoneware black glazed oval shaped vase with lustre by Caroline Whyman 17.5cm H, a porcelain vase with lustre and black slip decoration of oval form by Margery Clinton, marked and dated to the base 17cm H, a baluster stoneware vase with grey slipware decoration,...

A collection of studio pottery, comprising a footed dish with a textured top with orange and brown glaze with brush decoration by Keiko Harada 17.5cm W, a small footed earthenware glazed bowl, self portrait of the potter Tessa Fuchs, impressed mark to the underside of the base 17cm W, a hexagonal yellow glazed stoneware pot and cover, with a rubbed makers mark 7cm H, a black and lustre decorated vessel,...

A collection of studio pottery, comprising a small rectangular stoneware plate with central cockerel design by Jacqueline Norris, impressed mark and dated to the underside 18cm x 15.5cm, a hexagonal stepped bowl with multi coloured design, impressed mark to the base 18cm W, a contemporary spill vase with rectangular base by George Rainer 12cm H, a black and brown footed stoneware bowl with impressed...

A collection of studio pottery, comprising a textured plate by Ljerka Njers, 25cm W, a green crackled glazed bowl by Jane Cox, marked to the underside 15cm W, a stoneware lustre glazed footed bowl by Sarah Perry 23cm W, a narrow necked crackled glazed vase by Rupert Andrews 18cm H, a colourful stoneware bowl by Mandy Wan, impressed mark to the base 20cm W, a tenmoku glazed footed earthenware bowl...

A collection of studio pottery, comprising a internally raku glazed earthenware vase with triangular flange rim with makers mark indistinct to the base 12.5cm H, a small lustre vase with 'pinched' rim by Margery Clinton impressed mark to the underside of the base 11cm H, a small stoneware bowl, possibly by Emmanuel Cooper 14cm W, a deep footed bowl with iron and copper glaze possibly by McCallum 11cm...

A large studio pottery centre-piece/bowl by Hilary LaForce, externally with a speckled glaze on an orange ground, internally a blue glaze, wide flared rim 18cm H x 44cm W

A large modern studio pottery porcelain bowl by J. Howells, blue swirl with Swan decoration on a white ground, with a gilt rim 41cm W

Showing 1-48 of 405 lots
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