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An early Berchtesgarden carved and painted wooden horse drawn carriage, the elaborately decorated carriage with driver and two small black painted wooden horses, in original floral painted split wooden box, probably 19th century --7 ½in. (19cm.) long (some repairs to box)

A mid 19th century Jacobs Ladder transformational Mr Punch and Judy toy, two sided paper on cardboard, hand-coloured Mr Punch on one side and Judy on the reverse with turned wooden handle --9in. (23cm.) high (some repairs)

An unusual turned wooden necklace painted with famous portraits, including a self portrait of Van Gough, the Mona Lisa, Federigo Da Montefeltro Pierod Francesca and the Young School Mistress Chardin on leather string; and a green painted split wood box decorated with flowers (some wear to necklace)

The Speaking Picture Book by Theodor Brand 1880s, 18th edition, red covered cardboard book box with eight chromolithographic illustrations with nine pull-cords featuring different animal/human noises and pages of text --12 ½in. (32cm.) high (some slight wear, all nine cords currently working, but not guaranteed)

A rare late 19th century composition cat candy container, painted grey and cream with green and black glass eyes, crouching down on her front with weighted wagging tail, red pom-pom between front feet, original ribbon and removable head to reveal container, in original unmarked box --6 ½in. (16.5cm.) long including tail (old neat repair to back leg)

An unusual clockwork composition headed Father Christmas circa 1900, with blue painted eyes, white rabbit fur beard, cardboard body and wire limbs with composition hands and metal shoes, original red costume with white cotton trim and basket on back, the integral key on back, when wound the figure rocks from side to side --8in. (20.5cm.) high (some fading); and later chenille Golly in basket

A bisque head boy sledging candy container circa 1910, probably with Gebruder Heubach head with intaglio eyes and closed sad mouth, bisque hands, cardboard body with composition limbs, original white textured cloth outfit, opening a waist to reveal container and wooden sledge --6in. (15cm.) long

Two German pig candy containers, one black mohair covered cardboard with red paste eyes and opening on underside --4 ¼in. (11cm.) long; and another gold painted composition with removable head

A German wolf candy container 1910-20s, with beige burlap covered composition, yellow and black lass eyes, black metal nose, open mouth with painted teeth and felt tongue, oil-cloth collar and removable head to reveal container --11in. (28cm.) long (wear to tail)

A Dean & Sons Darling Bright-eyes Living Nursery Rhymes Newly Treated with Moving Pictures, by Mrs J.M.Wells with six moving pictures, 'Hamleys Doll & Toy Depot , 64 Regent St. W' ink stamp to first page, circa 1900 --9in. (23cm.) high (some wear, a few minor tears and light staining, all pages currently working)

A Dean & Sons The Surprise Panoramic ABC book, by Walter Standers with seven pages which you turn to form a changing landscape, inscribed to Edie Honey Croie on her 6th Birthday June 19th 1889 from her old sister Salli --11 ½in. (29cm.) wide (corners worn)

A C Titze & Schinkay Industrie und Glück Tarot playing cards, fifty -four hand-coloured cards with rounded corners (slight wear)

A carved wooden horse on wheeled platform, with glass eyes, fur mane and tail, oil cloth tack, vellum ears and wooden platform with cast-iron four spoked wheels --10in. (25.5cm.) high (repair to neck)

A painted wooden push-along gig, varnished with red and black lining, carved wooden spoked wheels, pony skin donkey with glass eyes, leather tack and red wool pom-poms and bisque headed driver with carved and painted wooden limbs, circa 1900 --18 ½in. (47cm.) high (donkey missing front casters)

A pony and tinplate trap, the red and grey painted trap with gold lining, the hide covered pony with glass eyes, leather tack and wheeled feet, possibly French, circa 1900 --16in. (40.5cm.) high (some wear, hide worn of fur and no tail)

A clockwork fur covered monkey circa 1910, with brown painted composition face, clear and black glass eyes, cream fur covered, cast-metal feet and integral key to underside when wound causing the monkey to leap --7in. (18cm.) long (fur possibly a good replacement)

A painted wooden Noah's Ark 1920-30s, with retailer's label for 'J. Langley & Co., Ltd., TOYLAND Prince of Wales Road, Royal Arcade, NORWICH', painted various shades of brown with wooden wheels, wooden ramp and a small selection of Elastolin animals --14in. (36cm.) long (some paint flaking and damage to animals)

Schoenhut small size Circus figures, an equestrienne with composition head --6 ¾in. (17cm.) high; and two clowns, all in original costumes (one clown with worn face, no ears and stained costume)

A larger Schoenhut Circus clown, with printed costume --8in. (20.5cm.) high; a chair and a stool (some wear and staining)

A clockwork leaping Spitz dog probably Roullet & Decamps, with long white fur, clear and black glass eyes, open mouth with tongue, cast metal feet and integral key on underside causing the dog to leap --8 ½in. (21.5cm.) long (slight wear)

An unusual Lehmann No 802 two-dimensional bird, lithographed tinplate with celluloid wings, probably a gyroscopic toy --5in. (12.5cm.) long; a Marx Yoga copying Lehmann's Indu head chopping off toy; and a Lehmann Hop-Hop top

An Einfalt girl sat on a potty clicker toy, lithographed tinplate, when operated she raises off the bed pan and a rat appears --5in. (12.5cm.) high (slight wear, old neat repair to one lever)

A German lithographed tinplate Father Christmas spark toy, with push action causing a wheel to spin and spark, the top half of Father Christmas appears behind a sack of toys and a little boy --5 ¾in. (14.5cm.) high (sparkles not working)

A German lithographed tinplate space spark toy, with push action causing a wheel decorated with rockets to spin and spark, the top half an astronaut appears --5 ¼in. (13.5cm.) high (sparkles not working)

A German lithographed tinplate helicopter spark toy, with push action causing a wheel and blades to spin and spark, lithographed glass cockpit with pilot and R 260 registration --6 ½in. (16.5cm.) long; and a Ronson Starlight spark toy, in original box with instructions

Five lithographed tinplate spark toys, with push action causing a wheel to spin and spark, one a flower with a bee --4 ¾in. (12cm.) high; another the man in the moon; a man appearing from chimney; a celluloid winged butterfly ; and a British cat (some slight wear and fading)

A lithographed tinplate comic black cat squeak toy, with googly eyes, when squeezed the head and eyes move towards a mouse help in hand --4 ½in. (11.5cm.) high (squeaker inoperative); and a Kellerman bear drinking milk lapel pin with moving arm

Five lithographed tinplate clicker toys, a cowboy riding a rearing horse --4in. (10cm.) high; a dentist extracting a tooth; a clown and Golly; and a soldier and cowboy kneeling firing a gun

Three German lithographed tinplate novelty toys, a gnome or Father Christmas ramp toy --5 ½in. (14cm.) high; a scissor action egg eating turbaned man with parrot on shoulder; and a Balkan puzzle with a head of man in a Fez

A papier-mâché headed clockwork walk Dutch man 1930s, with brown painted side glancing eyes, smoking pipe, felt costume, composition hands and wooden legs and shoes, keywind mechanism causing him to rock from side to side --9in. (23cm.) high (slight fading)

Tinplate novelty toys, a gyroscopic top with a heavy gauge painted tinplate girl dancing with dachshund --3 ¾in. (9.5cm.) high; a click toy drumming soldier; a George Levy British traffic policeman; a rat in a kitchen dexterity toy; and another gyroscopic top

Tinplate Huntley & Palmer and sweet sample tins, a Rowntree's Cachous cricket bat --4 ½in. (11.5cm.) long; a Dickory Dickory Dock clock tin; and H & P - two Rich Mixed and Littlefolk sample tins (some wear)

Children's plates, a New Chelsea Staffordshire 'Noah's Ark' baby plate --7 ¼in. (18.5cm.) wide; a Baby's Plate with Gollies (stained); a Victorian tinplate alphabet plate commemorating the Prince and Princess of Wales; and a Japanese 'ivory' celluloid Jack and Jill figures, in original box

Two Luntoy lead Mr Turnip puppets, one with control frame --7in. (18cm.) high (slight wear); a Denni's Dainty Series Well Known Celebrities Evening Party Games; a Faulkner & Co Fairy Tales Misfitz, both in original box; a Blackie Struwwelpeter and a Pip, Squeak and Wilfred book

A tinplate butterfly push-along toy, remains of spirit wash with wheels causing the wings to flap --8 ½in. (21.5cm.) wide (worn, missing wooden pole to push along); a framed 19th century Valentine card; and a 19th century Mosaic game, in wooden box with sliding lid (lid damaged)

A rare German lead nodder pierrot serenading the moon, probably Hyde, hand painted with tinplate ruff and holding a mandolin --4 ¼in. (11cm.) high (slight wear and reattached at seat and foot) - this model is very similar to the iconic Lambert automaton of Pierrot Serenading the Moon

A rare Topical Chessmen Soldiers v Sailors made in London by Disabled Soldiers and Sailors, for The Incorporated Soldiers and Sailors Help Society, 122, Brompton Road, London, SW., turned wood and hand painted comic figures, in original box --4 ¼in. (10.5cm.) height of soldier King

Chromolithographic embossed card German naval fleet 1900-1910, eleven battleships, two gun boats, five smaller boats, a lighthouse and exploding ship, ten tinplate stands -- 6 ¼in. ( 16cm.) length of longest (slight damage)

A Bing Series The Aerial Contest board game circa 1912, three-fold chromolithographic board featuring aircraft over a city, four semi-solid aeroplane counters on stands, a spinner, card and two wind socks, in original box --15in. (38cm.) width of lid (some damage to lid and missing two counters)

A Jeu d'Automobile or The Auto-Game No 4440 board game circa 1905, with maker's 'S' trademark, four-fold chromolithographic board featuring a road with various motoring incidents, a card with five of six original semi-solid motor car counters, instructions, in original box --16 ½in. (42cm.) width of box (some damage to box, board now in two pieces); an additional larger semi-solid motor car counter ...

A J W Spears Punch & Judy toy theatre, with chromolithographic folding booth with cloth curtain, seven two-dimensional puppets on sticks with articulated arm and a similar Toby dog, The Play of Punch and Judy, a collecting plate, a bell and some counters, in original box, circa 1910 (slight damage to puppets and box)

Two papier-mâché figural skittles circa 1900, one a black man seated on a barrel playing a violin and a young girl dancing holding up her skirt, both on turned wood bases --9 ¾in. (25cm.) height of man (slight worm to her base)

A painted tinplate round Epices (Spice) tin, with wood grain finish, Epices stencilled on lid --6in. (15cm.) wide; and a similar Briefe (letter) box with key (some wear and chipping to letter)

A composition roly-poly clown 1930s, with smiling face, conical hat and yellow jacket, internal chimes --11 ½in.(29cm.) high (some slight flaking)

Advertising tinplate items, a Blue Bell Tobacco domino set in tin; two Lyons Tea perpetual calendar tins; and a lithographed tinplate G. Fischer matchbox holding dispenser --7 ½in. (19cm.) high

Various antique games, Schimmell or the Bell & Hammer game with Morocco leather shaker, in original mahogany box; a New Game of Metamorphoses and Parquetry; a Wood Spellicans; and four painted papier-mâchéIndian circular playing cards

Various puzzles and games, a W. Peacock Superior Dissected Map of Engand & Wales, in original wooden box with sliding lid and instructions (complete); a John Betts Game of British Geography, in original Morocco leather book box; a tinplate click toy of a pelican; a snow globe of Volkenburg; a Japanese wooden dolls' house puzzle block, in original box; a Lledo Rupert the Bear van; and a few scraps

A varnished wood push-along horse on wheels, simply constructed with cylindrical body with glass eyes, black painted detail and cast-iron wheels --24 ½in. (62.5cm.) high (one pair of wheels replaced)

Showing 1-48 of 397 lots
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