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An early 20th Century anodised brass Stanley Chart Rule, engraved 'Stanley, Great Turnstile, Holborn, London', in fitted mahogany case, 490mm wide, F-G

A late 19th Century lacquered brass Collins Bockett Microscope Lamp, engraved 'Collins London Bockett Microscope Lamp, with glass reservoir, burner and bull's-eye condenser, in incorrect pine case, 290mm high, G, reservoir undersize, probably early replacement, case locked, back removed; w F (2

A 20th Century lacquered brass Pocket Aneroid, with silvered dial, unsigned, F; and eight demonstrational chalk geometric solids, G (9)

A mid-20th Century Allbrit nickel-plated Amsler's Planimeter, serial no. 26378, instructions and card box, VG

Microscope Accessories, Watson & Son image shearing eyepiece, in wooden case, 230mm wide, VG; Beck filar micrometer eyepiece, in fitted case, 125mm wide, VG; pair of Cooke, Troughton and Simms eyepieces; pair of Beck eyepieces; and Cooke 100 x objective, all G (7)

Various Items, including 20th Century spectacales (7), lorgnettes, modern viewers, and mahogany cases, mostly for cutlery sets repurposed (6)

A mid-20th Century Watson & Sons Ltd black-enamelled iron and lacquered brass 'Patna' Compound Monocular Microscope, with triple nosepiece, circular mechanical stage and Abbe condenser, with Air Ministry engraving, card dated 1941, in maker's mahogany case, 365mm high, G

A rare early 20th Century mechanical Julius Pintsch 8-Day Morse Clock in black-painted circular cast-aluminium case, lettered on silvered dial 'Pintsch Berlin, Type UF Nr 402', designed for use with a morse code transmitter and associated beacon to trigger the transmission of a regular homing signal, initially for naval use, with later versions used by the Deutschen Luftwaffe for airfield homing...

An early 20th Century tinplate Kaleidoscope, with embossed simulated basketwork body-tube, 210mm long, F-G; two cylindrical period cases; and modern pasteboard kaleidoscope (4)

3¼sq in Magic Lantern Slides and Glass Plate Negatives, slides - university outing, 1950s, and church interiors, in wooden case; quarter-plate negatives - according to pencil inscriptions in lid of wooden case, house and views in and around Tunbridge Wells, Canterbury, Penshurst and Groombridge, including Sir David Salomons, circa 1900, another wooden case, including street scenes, and wrapped loose...

An Early 20th Century Table Magic Lantern, with brass lens, converted to electric lighting, with 20 approx 17 x 5cm glass slides and 20 approx 13 x 3.5cm glass slides each with 4 coloured images

A Medium Size Early 20th Century Magic Lantern, with flue, 6in brass lens and lens cover, no condenser, base or illuminant, together with a Pathescope 200B 9.5mm cine projector, two spool arms and two bakelite spools, a lot

Stereo Cards and Stereoscopes, cards - geometrical (14) and various including Underwood & Underwood Boer War series, comic and topographical, mainly 1880s-1900, P-F (57) and Holmes-pattern wooden stereoscopes, one incomplete (2); (73)

Photographs and typescripts relating to the celebrated hunter of man-eating wild cats Major Jim Corbett CIE (1875-1955), Corbett was active in stalking and killing notorious man-eating tigers and leopards from 1906 to 1938 in Northern India, later moving to Kenya, and becoming a pioneer conservationist with parks named after him both in India and Kenya; three typescripts in this lot appear to be...

Late 19th Century Half-Calf Gilt Folio Topographical Touring Silver Print Snapshot Album, including lakes of Northern Italy, Switzerland, on deck of 'Argonaut' to Norway, Naples, Paestum and Southern Italy, Siena and Tuscany, Arezzo and Rimini, pp29

Mahogany-Mounted Chromolithographic Magic Lantern Slides, 4in. sq. - maritime, mill, snow scene and others, G, one cover glass broken (5) and 5in x 2in - period genre scenes (3), G (8)

Mahogany-Mounted Hand-Painted Magic Lantern Slides, maritime fortress, night scene on lake, Swiss (?) farm, moonlit sea cliffs and monk in ruined Gothic chancel, G (5)

Mahogany-Mounted Slipping Magic Lantern Slides, bearded man with scales, possibly Shylock, Jugged Hare, policeman, man in turban, man's face, hand-coloured and chromolithographic, various sizes, and lever-action, F-G (7)

Mahogany-Mounted Carpenter and Westley Hand-Painted Magic Lantern Slides, part-story set of anthropomorphic fox in rustic clothes and setting, probably Reynard (5), G and hand-coloured Copper-Plate Slider Scripture Subjects No. 5, three images, F, one glass broken (6)

Mahogany-Mounted Magic Lantern Slides, rackwork chromolithographic - chromatrope, F, lacks handle, barber, P, handle detached, with various slipping slide parts, frames, and 3¼in. sq. - photographic slide of rustic view and chromolithographic part story set, small black child getting into chicken coop (5) and other items (a lot)

A late 19th Century Cabinet Album, inscribed as birthday gift 'To Sir George Armytage….Aug 5 1884' (of Kirklees), cabinets mainly of actresses, singers and celebrities, some dedicated to Sir George, including Minnie Hauk, Kate Santley, Helen Fortescue, Nellie Thompson and Fred Archer, with a mahogany writing slope (2)

A late 19th Century Carte-de-Visite/Cabinet Album, with rural chromolithographic pages, including baby post mortem, small boy with tennis racket (2), children, ladies and gentlemen, images F-G, album P

A 19th Century 'G R & Co' Gilt Morocco Octavo Carte-de-Visite Album, with decorative brass clasp, 24 leaves, circa 1860, VG

19th Century Carte-de-Visites and Cabinet Cards, children including girl on dapple-grey bow rocker, 1860s/1870s (6), Prince of Wales (Albert Edward), Alexandra and young family (1), gentlemen including Hornby family (6) with Hornby family group (1) and ladies (9), chapel in Wincanton (1), later family cartes (31), cabinets - including Lancashire house (?) (2), children with pram (1), Royal family...

Silver prints from King Lear 1971 film directed by Peter Brook, 10in x 8in production and behind-the-scenes stills, cast including Paul Scofield, Cyril Cusack and Patrick Magee, F-G, some curling (95)

19th Century Danish Carte-de-Visites and Cabinet Cards, cartes - Jule Léotard by Disdéri (1), Garibaldi (10), others including Danish subjects - gentlemen, 1860s (35), ladies, 1860s (14), ladies and gentlemen, 1870s, exteriors (2), and others, cabinets - Princess Alexandra and family by Georg Hansen (8), gentlemen around table (1) Sarah Bernhardt (1) and others (a lot)

Mahogany-Mounted Hand-Painted Astronomical Magic Lantern Slides, ink inscription 'No. 13 The Seasons' and rackwork 'No. 11 The Solar System (Copernicus)', both inscribed 'Geo Fox, Friar Wood, 1856', glass cracked, G (2), and various lace bobbins, some modern (8), G (10)

Herbert Ponting FRGS (1870-1935), a stitched brown leather cylindrical lens case, probably to suit lens for whole-plate camera, stamped to lid 'H G Ponting, F.R.G.S.', G, two small holes to one end, apparently intentional, G; Herbert Ponting is known principally as the photographer on Robert Falcon Scott's fatal expedition to the South Pole (1910-1912)

Early 20th Century Exhibition Silver Prints of The West Country, topographical, including new Teignmouth - Shaldon motor ferry, hulk HMS Implacable at Devonport, Norway Square, probably St. Ives, harbour scenes and residents, beaches, cliffs and rural views, various sizes, mostly apx. 10in x 12in, on stable card mounts, circa 1910, G-VG (27)

Photographic Literature, Art and the Camera, Guest A, George Bell, 1907 and Nature - Through The Microscope & Camera, Kerr, R, RTS, 1905, with camera literature, including Handbook of the Leica System, 1981, Kodak Museum Guide, 1947, and copy reference material, various maker's (a lot)

An early 20th Century Wrench/Riley Lacquered Brass and Russian Iron Magic Lantern, with 8½in. and 12½in. lenses, F, iron overpainted, back cut to accommodate later electric illuminant, in pine case, with wooden slide changer, Newton phototgraphic slides and life of Jesus, in two wooden cases (a lot)

Early 20th Century Underwood & Underwood Stereoscopic Cards, Boer War (14), Anglo-American Stereo Co - Thames at Caversham (2), other UK (3), Boulogne (2), others (4), G, some faded; and photographic matchbox covers, including Cust & Scholes store (Ararat, Victoria, Australia) promotional (4); (29)

An early 20th Century mahogany 'Le Taxiphote' Stereoscopic Viewer, with seven empty trays, with labels dated circa 1911, G, glass stereoscopic slide compartment lock detached, 485mm high

Small Carte de Visite Album relating to Chapman family of Needham Market, including ladies, gentlemen, child with doll, farmer, children and mourning card for William Chapman, 1869, circa 1870, G

Transparencies and Negatives, transparencies of modern art, 5 x 5 and 10 x 8, probably from studio, circa 1970s, medium format and smaller negatives, some circa 1950, and modern enprints of American cars at UK meets (a lot)

Collection of various Silver Print Snapshot Albums, various sources and periods, circa 1910 to modern, including families, holidays, Lake District, LNWR print of Haddon Hall, 1920s motor cars, Russian carte de visite (1), cabinets (3) and stereo cards (25) (a lot)

Early 20th Century Stereoscopic Cards of Scantily-Clad Ladies by Jean Agélou (1878-1921), ladies draped over various pieces of furniture, marked with monogram 'JA' (Agélou) (9), with others unmarked, but same sitter and set (2), G, two with ink marking, two mounted on card (11)

A mid-19th Century mahogany Young of Dublin Rotating Carte de Visite Display Stand, for sixty-eight cartes de visite, arranged in pairs in slim mahogany holders that slide over each other as the glazed unit rotates, with maker or retailer's mark 'Young of Dublin', on folding stand, with key, with cartes de visite from various periods, circa 1860, 380mm, G-VG

A rare mid-19th Century Stereoscopic Card of a Group of Cricketers on a Rural Pitch, very early representation of cricketers in the field, with similarities to Roger Fenton's 1857 image of a cricket match at Hundsdonbury in Hertfordshire; the topography appears similar, and the Calvert family moved from Hunsdon House to the rebuilt Hunsdonbury House in 1858, so there could be an association, circa...

Underwood & Underwood Egypt Through The Stereoscope Stereoscopic Card Set, in book-form case (100), with Egypt through the Stereoscope, Breasted, J H, Underwood & Underwood, and CD copy of cards, VG

Underwood & Underwood Jerusalem Through The Stereoscope Stereoscopic Card Set, in book-form case (27), with Jerusalem Through The Stereoscope, Hurlbut, J L, Underwood & Underwood (2), VG, one book F

Underwood & Underwood The Travel Lessons on The Life of Jesus Stereoscopic Card Set, in book-form case (36), with The Travel Lessons on The Life of Jesus, Forbush, W B, Underwood & Underwood, and CD copy of cards, VG

Underwood & Underwood Life of Christ Stereoscopic Cards, in book-form case, VG, case P-F (36)

Underwood & Underwood Palestine Through The Stereoscope Stereoscopic Card Set, in book-form case (100), with Travelling in The Holy Land Through The Stereoscope, and CD copy of cards,

Underwood & Underwood Palestine Through The Stereoscope Stereoscopic Card Set, in Keystone book-form case, VG (36)

Underwood & Underwood Queenstown Cork and Dubin Stereoscopic Card Set, in book-form case, VG (36)

Underwood & Underwood Italy Through The Stereoscope Stereoscopic Card Set, in book-form case (100), with Italy Through The Stereoscope, Ellison, D J, Underwood & Underwood, and copy CD of cards, VG

Underwood & Underwood Rome Through The Stereoscope Stereoscopic Card Set, (46), with Rome Through The Stereoscope, Ellison, D J, Underwood & Underwood, all in book-form case, VG

Showing 1-48 of 423 lots
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