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Dinky Toys 157 Jaguar XK120, three examples, first sage green body, fawn hubs, second yellow body, lighter yellow hubs, third turquoise lower body, cerise upper and hubs, G-VG, yellow with retouching (3)

A Dinky Toys 23m 'Thunderbolt' Speed Car, lead casting, silver body, black detailing, Union Jacks on tail, smooth black hubs, VG-E, slight fatigue signs to hubs

Dinky Toys 108 MG Midget, white body, red hubs, 172 Studebaker, light green body, mid-green hubs, 25y Jeep, dark green body, maroon hubs, 23a Racing Car, third casting, 33w Mechanical Horse & Open Wagon, red/fawn, 730 Tempest II Fighter, 731 Twin Engined Fighter (2) and other items, F-VG (17)

A Dinky Toys 111 Triumph TR2 Sports, competition finish, salmon pink body, blue interior and hubs, white driver, RN29, in original box, VG-E, box F-G

A Spanish Dinky Toys 518 Renault 4L, dark blue body, silver grille, off-white interior, concave hubs, in original box, E, box G, minor label damage to end flap

A Dinky Toys 905 Foden Flat Truck With Chains, 2nd type maroon cab, chassis and flatbed, red grooved hubs, in original box, VG, one post glued, minor roof dent, box F-G

A Dinky Supertoys 972 Coles 20-Ton Lorry-Mounted Crane, yellow/orange body, two blue drivers, 'Coles' to rear, 752 Goods Yard Crane, yellow crane, light blue base, in original boxes, E, a few minor chips, boxes F-G, each with one packing piece (2)

Dinky Toy Commercial Vehicles, 25a Wagon, dark green body, type 3 chassis, 25b Covered Wagon, cream body, red tilt and hubs, type 4 chassis, similar in dark green, type 3 chassis, 25c Flat Truck, dark green body, type 3 chassis, 25d Petrol Tank Wagon, dark green body, type 4 chassis, 25f Market Gardeners Lorry, dark green body, type 3 chassis, 25e Tipping Wagon, fawn body, type 3 chassis, 30e Breakdown...

Dinky Toys 260 Morris J Royal Mail Van, 252 Refuse Wagon, tan body, green shutters, red hubs, no glazing, 492 Loud Speaker Van, violet blue body, mid-blue hubs, silver speaker, in original boxes, E, boxes P (3)

Dinky Toy & Other Motorcycles, including pre-war 43b R.A.C Motorcycle Patrol with 43a R.A.C Box, post-war 43b R.A.C Motorcycle Patrol, 37a Civilian Motorcyclist (2), one green rider, one grey rider, 37b Police Motorcyclist and others, P-VG (12)

Small Scale Dinky Toys, Dublo Dinky 064 Austin Lorry, in original box, 061 Ford Prefect, 062 Singer Roadster, 063 Commer Van, 065 Morris Pick-Up, 066 Bedford Flat Truck, 067 Austin Taxi, 070 AEC Mercury Tanker, 35a Saloon Car, grey, 35c MG, red, 35d Austin Seven, yellow, F-VG, box G (11)

Dinky & Corgi Toys, Dinky Toys 289 Routemaster Bus, in original box, 29f Observation Coach, 29e Single Deck Coach, Bedford Refuse Truck, Land Rover, Massey-Harris Tractor, Manure Spreader, Halesowen Trailer, Disc Harrow, Forward Control Truck, Long Range Bomber, Corgi Toys 468 Routemaster Bus, in original box, Ford Super Major Tractor, two Corgi plastic dogs, Tri-ang Minic tinplate clockwork Racing...

Playworn Dinky Toys, including Blaw Knox Bulldozer, Massey-Harris Tractor (2), Coles Mobile Crane, Express Dairy Van (2), Double Decker Bus (2), Commer Breakdown Truck, Guy Flat Truck, Austin Atlantic, Hillman Minx, Morris Oxford, Standard Vanguard and many others, P-G (50+)

Dinky Toys 259 Fire Engine, red body, 'Fire Brigade' crest, red plastic hubs, 276 Airport Fire Tender, red body, 'Airport Fire Control' decal, spun hubs, in original boxes, 276 with packing ring and instructions, VG-E, boxes F-G (2)

Dinky Toys 266 E.R.F Fire Tender, 263 Airport Fire Rescue Tender, 285 Merryweather Marquis Fire Tender, 282 Land Rover Fire Appliance, in original boxes, E, boxes P-G (4)

Dinky Toy Fire Engines, 266 E.R.F Fire Tender, 285 Merryweather Marquis Fire Tender (2), 195 Range Rover 'Fire Chief' (2), 271 Ford Transit Fire Appliance, 267 Paramedic Truck, 286 Ford Transit Fire Appliance, 259 Fire Engine, F-VG (9)

A Dinky Supertoys 666 Missile Erector Vehicle, with Corporal Missile and Launching Platform, in original box with inner packing and instructions, VG-E, some wear to missile, box G-VG

Dinky Toys 660 Tank Transporter, 697 25-Pounder Field Gun Set, 689 Medium Artillery Tractor, 661 Recovery Tractor, in original boxes, G-VG, 697 lacks spare tyre, boxes P-G (4)

Military Dinky Toys, including 626 Military Ambulance, 643 Army Water Tanker, 676 Armoured Personnel Carrier, 641 Army Cargo Truck, 677 Armoured Command Vehicle, 673 Scout Car, in original boxes, with loose 692 5.5 Medium Gun (4), 651 Centurion Tank, 670 Armoured Car (3), 673 Scout Car (3) and others, P-VG, boxes P (25+)

Dinky Toys 677 Armoured Command Vehicle, 722 Hawker Harrier, 691 Striker Anti Tank Vehicle, French Dinky 822 Half-Track M3, in original boxes, VG-E, boxes P-G (4)

Dinky Toy Tyres, No.7383 (11), No.10118 (9), sealed in original boxes, No.7383 (5), No.10118 (7), No.6676 (4), No.10253 (9), unchecked in original opened boxes, with a small quantity of used tyres/hubs and an empty 70B Hawker Tempest trade box, P-E, boxes P-VG (qty)

A Dinky Toys 103 Spectrum Patrol Car From Captain Scarlet, metallic red body, white base, blue tinted windows, yellow interior, in original box, with loose 104 Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle with one missile, 105 Maximum Security Vehicle with crate, F-G, 104 seat broken but present, no figure, 105 lacks aerial, box P-F (3)

1970s-1980s Corgi Toys, 151 Yardley McLaren, 414 Coastguard Jaguar XJ12C, 158 Elf Tyrrell-Ford F1, 423 Rough Rider U.S Custom Van, 291 AMC Pacer X, 425 London Taxi, 170 John Wolfe Dragster, 161 Elf Tyrell Project 34, 334 Ford Escort, in original boxes, E, boxes F-G (9)

Corgi Toys 234 Ford Consul Classic, beige body, pink roof, lemon interior, spun hubs, Dinky Toys 143 Ford Capri, turquoise body, white roof, red interior, spun hubs, in original boxes, Corgi with club leaflet, E, a few minor chips, boxes F-VG (2)

Early-Issue Corgi Toys, 200 Ford Consul, fawn body, 202 Morris Cowley, grey body, 206 Hillman Husky, fawn body, 210 Citroën DS19, metallic dark green body, black roof, all with flat spun hubs, with a Trophy Models (Corgi) Marks & Spencers gold plated Triumph TR2 Sports Car, VG-E (5)

A Corgi Major Toys 1127 Simon Snorkel Fire Engine, in original box with instructions, E, box VG, with Matchbox Superfast Track.400 Double Loop Racing Set, TA-6 Catapult Pass, in original boxes, VG, set lacks cars and two flags, boxes G (3)

Corgi Toys Ephemera, 1957 Four-fold Leaflet 50/1057/C3 (4), March 1963 Playcraft Dealer News, Christmas 1959 Corgi Model Club Magazine, G-E (6)

Corgi Kits, 610 Police & Public Telephone Boxes, 607 Circus Elephant & Transport Cage, in original boxes with instructions, appear unmade and complete but unchecked, boxes VG (2)

Corgi Juniors Gift Sets, 3101 Fire Set, E3024 Road Construction Gift Set, 3021 Emergency 999 Gift Set, in original boxes, E, boxes P-G (3)

Corgi Juniors Gift Sets, 3014 Emergency Squad, 3101 Fire Set, 3100 Construction Set, 3024 Road Construction Gift Set, in original boxes, E, boxes P-F (4)

1970s Corgi Toy Racing Cars, 156 Graham Hill's Embassy Shadow, 152 Ferrari 312 B2, 155 UOP Shadow, 158 Elf Tyrrell-Ford F1, 161 Elf Tyrrell Project 34, 151 Yardley McLaren M19A, 160 Hesketh 308 F1, in original boxes, VG-E, boxes F-G (7)

A Corgi Toys 464 Commer Police Van, dark blue body, 'County Police' decals, window bars, blue roof light, spun hubs, in original box with club leaflet, VG-E, box G

1970s-1980s Corgi Toys, 12 Glider & Trailer Gift Set, 44 Mounted Police Set, 1128 Mercedes Tipper 'Tarmac', 700 Hi-Speed Ambulance, 1127 Simon Snorkel Fire Engine, 373 Volkswagen 1200 'Police', 453 Escort RS1600, 339 Rover 3500 Police, in original boxes, VG-E, boxes F-G (8)

Corgi Toys, 420 Ford Thames Airborne Caravan, 154 Ferrari F1 Grand Prix Racing Car, 650 Concorde, 900 PzKpfw Tiger Mk.I Tank, 109 Pennyburn Workmen's Trailer, Corgi Juniors James Bond 60 Lotus Esprit, 7 Duple Vista 25 Coach, in original boxes/packaging, with loose Austin Seven Mini, F-E, 109 lacks tools, boxes P-G (8)

A Corgi Toys Gift Set 24 Commer Constructor Set, comprising two Commer cab chassis units, four interchangeable bodies, Milkman and accessories, in original box, G-VG, box F-G

Corgi Toys Emergency Service Vehicles, 1127 Simon Snorkel Fire Engine, 461 Police 'Vigilant' Range Rover, in original boxes, loose 448 Austin Police Mini Van with policeman and dog, 492 VW Police Car, 481 Chevrolet Impala Police Car, 437 Cadillac Superior Ambulance, G-E, boxes P-G (6)

Corgi Toy Land Rovers, Gift Set 15 Land Rover & Rice's Beaufort Double Horse Box, in original box, loose 438 Land Rover, red body, lemon interior, cream plastic tilt, spun hubs, 477 Land Rover Breakdown, red body, lemon interior, plastic canopy, spun hubs, G-E, box P-F, some graffiti (3)

Corgi Major Toys, 1138 Car Transporter with Ford Tilt Cab, 1143 Holmes Wrecker Recovery Vehicle, with figures, in original boxes, with loose 1137 Ford Tilt Cab with Detachable Trailer 'Express Service', with figure, F-VG, 1138 and 1137 with wing mirror damage, boxes P (3)

Corgi Toys GS13 Renault R16 'Tour De France' Paramount Film Unit, with cameraman and cyclist on base, 479 Commer Mobile Camera Van, with cameraman, VG-E (2)

Corgi Toy Commercial Vehicles, 1128 Priestman Cub Shovel, in original box, loose 486 Kennel Club Truck with four dogs, 470 Forward Control Jeep, 420 Ford Thames Airborne Caravan, 471 Karrier Bantam Snack Bar, Chevrolet Impala Taxi, 1131 Machinery Carrier, 1134 Army Fuel Tanker, 64 Working Conveyor, with figure and sacks, F-E, 64 conveyor rubber snapped and loose, 1131 wing mirror broken, 486 small...

Corgi Toy Cars, 358 Oldsmobile H.Q Staff Car, 233 Heinkel Economy Car, 310 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, 224 Bentley Continental Saloon, 327 MGB GT, 262 Lincoln Continental with six tv slides, 246 Chrysler Imperial with two figures and golf bag on cart, F-G (7)

Corgi Toy Cars, 275 Rover 2000, white body, 259 LeDandy Coupe, 440 Ford Consul Cortina Estate, with golfer, caddy and bag on trolley, 238 Jaguar Mark X Saloon, light blue body, 341 Mini Marcos GT850, 247 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman, 436 Citroën Safari, F-VG, 275 tyre cover broken but present, 247 lacks emblem (7)

Corgi Toys Batman's Batmobile & Batboat, 1st issue 267 Batmobile with 'Bat' hubs, Batman and Robin figures, four missiles, 107 Batboat on trailer with tin fin and black plastic towing hook attachment, Batman and Robin figures, VG, small corner of Batmobile rear wing chipped off (2)

Corgi TV & Film Toys, 268 The Green Hornet's Black Beauty, with secret instructions envelope containing four radar spinners and four missiles, 497 The Man From Uncle's Thrush Buster, 277 Monkees Monkeemobile, G-VG (3)

Corgi TV & Film Toys, 261 James Bond's Aston Martin, with secret instructions envelope containing spare bandit only, 336 James Bond's Toyota 2000 GT, 258 The Saint's Volvo, GS40 The Avengers Set, John Steed's Bentley, Emma Peel's Lotus, with figures, P-G (5)

A Corgi Toys 302 Hillman Hunter With Kangaroo, with unused transfers, instructions and club leaflet, 347 Chevrolet Astro 1 Experimental Car, Dinky Toys 486 'Dinky Beats' 1913 Morris Oxford, in original boxes with a small quantity of spares and accessories including Corgi racing car drivers, models G-VG, 486 windscreen stanchion broken, boxes P-G (qty)

Matchbox Superfast, 32 Maserati Bora, 64 Fire Chief, 17 The Londoner, 65 Saab Sonett III, 62 Renault 17TL, 40 Guildsman I, 34 Vantastic, 45 Ford Group 6 (no bonnet label), in original boxes, E, boxes G-VG (8)

Matchbox Superfast, 3 Monteverdi Hai, 35 Fandango, 17 The Londoner, 55 Hellraiser, 68 Cosmobile, 40 Guildsman, 7 Hairy Hustler, 30 Swamp Rat, in original boxes, E, boxes F-VG (8)

Showing 1-48 of 602 lots
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