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homechrystals auctions wallabies gone wild on behalf of hospice isle of man

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This sale was held on 26/09/2019 at 8:45pm

Title: Myn'changaroo Ferrishyn (The Fairy Wallaby)
Artist: Eve Adams
Myn'changaroo Ferrishyn (The Fairy Wallaby) was created by Eve Adams, a multi-disciplinary artist, craftsperson and illustrator. She also organises community art projects including Balley Cashtal Beg and family craft sessions. Through her illustrations, Eve brings the folklore of the Isle of Man to life. Myn'changaroo ...


Title: Wallabee
Artist: Donna Newman
Wallabee was created by Donna Newman. She was inspired by beekeeping in the Isle of Man and the unique quality of the Island's honeybees, which have received international recognition for being disease free. Donna Newman is a freelance mural artist working in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. She has predominantly been working in schools across ...


Title: Super Manx
Artist: Lissieart
This Manx tartan inspired design was created by Lissieart, an artist, illustrator and designer from the Midlands who creates paintings of special places. "Super Manx" wears a Manx tartan cape, which is made up of colours from the Manx countryside, including purple heather and the dark blue of the sea. The tartan of the Isle of Man is a combination of ...


Title: Joey
Artist: Jade Boylan
Joey was designed by Jade Boylan, an artist born in the Isle of Man. Her work is inspired by her '90s childhood and often features retro toys and sweets. 'Joey' was inspired by the world's ultimate road race and represents the Isle of Man's rich motorsport heritage in true biker style. But the fastest marsupial on the track is no tourist, he's as Manx as ...


Title: Manxaby
Artist: Traci Moss
Traci Moss is a Sussex-based artist whose work is colourful and tactile, often inspired by working for many years with the wonderful imaginations of children and always infused with happy optimism. Manxaby is inspired by the three-legged symbol and truly celebrates diversity and differences as well as community spirit, love, compassion and friendship.


Title: Reach for the Loaghtan Stars
Artist: Jacqui Mulvagh
Jacqui Mulvagh creates vibrant, funky colourful designs and is often known for bringing her characters to life in her artwork. She was a successful graphic designer for many years before pursuing a career as an illustrator, artist and surface pattern designer. 'Reach for the Loaghtan Stars' was based around Jacqui's love of the ...


Title: Isle of Man Wallaby MIP
Artist: Lucie Conoley
Lucie Conoley has created an Isle of Man MIP - Most Important Places. These are maps that detail everything that makes a place unique. This design covers the full Island from the tip of the nose, being the very north point of the Island, down to the toes, being the south of the Island and features some of the Island's key buildings along ...


Title: The Collaboration
Artist: James Duggan
James Duggan is a Manx painter with a playful style and his work is also created in a playful fashion. His design and the concept surrounding it is collaboration, to inspire and to strive. James hopes to inspire more people to express themselves creatively.


Title: Star Gazer
Artist: David Graham
This night sky inspired design has been created by David Graham. He is a freelance artist, who teaches art and design at an all-girls school in Liverpool. He extends his artist practise by using a range of 2D and 3D media to produce his own graphics, photography, installations and costumes. The Isle of Man is the perfect place to spot constellations ...


Title: I Walla Ride My Bicycle
Artist: Betti Moretti
I Walla Ride My Bicycle has been designed by Betti Moretti, Worcestershire Poet Laureate and a self-employed artist. Her design is exploring the Isle of Man on two wheels, travelling in the tracks of two of the greatest cyclists of this generation, Mark Cavendish and Peter Kennaugh. He's wearing the Isle of Man colours in the hope it ...


Title: Where's Wallaby?
Artist: Donna Newman
"Where’s Wallaby?" is armed with his trail map and features an illustrated map of the Island’s famous landmarks on his back. He was created by Donna Newman, a freelance mural artist working in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. She has predominantly been working in schools across the region for over 12 years and seeks to inspire young people ...


Title: Our Community
Artist: Sian Ellis
Sian Ellis is a Yorkshire-based illustrator who has created artwork for a range of organisations including local charities. Our Community is influenced by a bright community, one that is kind and supportive and is made up of a variety of different characters that make the community a great place to live. Sian’s self-taught style is bold, playful ...


Title: Archie Knots
Artist: Debra Tracey
Archie Knots has been inspired by the work of Archibald Knox and was created by Debra Tracey. Debra is a multi-disciplinary artist who has created bespoke public and community artwork, predominantly using mosaic as a much requested medium. "Archie Knots" features Milner's Tower on the back and the Manx familiar cushag and fuchsia on the front.


Title: Pay to Paint Community Wallaby
Artist: Various
Size: 2 ft 7 in (79 cm)
This wallaby was painted by the Isle of Man community, with each section being painted by a different person who wanted to contribute their design to the trail.


Title: Teeval, Princess of the Sea
Artist: Anna Clucas - Kruella 110
Anna Clucas - Kruella 110 is a Manx Artist who loves the Island's folklore and tales. She believes that the Island is a magical place and is home to an abundance of stories that any creative would be inspired by. Her wallaby design is based on Manx folk story Teeval, Princess of the Ocean where Conchobar stumbled across ...


Title: Dàishu
Artist: Jessica Perrin
Jessica Perrin is an illustrator and designer living and working in Birmingham. Jessica loves to create both digital and traditional work that has a strong narrative content. Her love for character creation can be seen throughout her work, her wallaby design is in the style of a traditional Chinese dragon. She loves the culture and folklore present ...


Title: Manx Wallacat
Artist: Caroline Coates
Wallacat is a design inspired by the Manx cat, created by Caroline Coates, an artist inspired by working with people. She is an illustrator, community artist and craft tutor who specialises in getting people interested in art and helping them create their own. Legend has it that the Manx cat was the offspring of a cat and a rabbit - especially ...


Title: Coexist
Artist: MrASingh
Award-winning creative director and artist, MrASingh is one of today's most inspired artists. His art is a salute to nature's beauty which is a gentle reminder that if we look carefully, patterns can be found in all of nature's creations, from animals and plants to micro-organisms. Coexist is inspired by the Isle of Man's balanced and colourful nature. All ...


Title: Lady Isabella
Artist: Jemima Thomas
Jemima Thomas specialises in the design and creation of character costumes, large theatrical puppets and in creature / character performance and puppeteering. Her design, Lady Isabella, is based on what the Laxey Wheel would look like if it could turn into a robot wallaby. It represents both the famous water wheel itself and all of the Isle of ...


Title: Float Away
Artist: Sarah Underwood
Float Away was created by Sarah Underwood, an award winning London based children's book illustrator with a BA from Kent Institute of Art and Design in Illustration and recent graduate from Cambridge School of Art with a Master's degree in Children?s Book Illustration. Her design encompasses a theme of waterways in nature and the life that flows ...


Title: Pay to Paint Community Wallaby (Spots)
Artist: Various
Size: 2 ft 7 in (79 cm)
This wallaby was painted by the Isle of Man community, with each section being painted by a different person who wanted to contribute their design to the trail.


Title: Pan Chem
Artist: Roger Dean
Pan Chem was designed and painted by Roger Dean, an English artist, designer and publisher who is best known for his work on posters and album covers for musicians. Known primarily for the dreamy, other-worldly scenes, he has created album covers for Yes, Asia, Budgie, Uriah Heep and other bands. Dean has described himself primarily as a landscape painter ...


Title: TT Riders 2019 Signed Wallaby
Artist: Current and former TT riders
Size: 2 ft 7 in (79 cm)
Our TT 2019 wallaby was kindly signed by many stars of this year's races and TT legends including: John McGuinness, Michael Dunlop, Conor Cummins, Michael Rutter, James Hillier, Lee Johnston, Carl Fogarty, Ben Birchall, Steve Plater, Gary Johnson, David Johnson, Charlie Williams, Ian ...


Title: Sky, Land & Sea
Artist: Sandra Webster
Sandra Webster is an artist based in Angus, Scotland, who spends her spare hours working on various projects and commissions. Sky, Land & Sea is based around the Isle of Man's diverse landscape with an extensive coastline, long unspoilt beaches and dramatic rocky cliffs. The design displays the Island's stunning features and surrounding blue ...


Title: Snaefell Mountain Railwallaby
Artist: Jennifer Shufflebotham
Jennifer Shufflebotham's work is inspired by location and places, particularly photographs of locations and places. She loosely translates these into drawings which are inspiration for her loose, watery paintings. Snaefell Mountain Railwallaby was inspired both by the beautiful landscape surrounding Snaefell Mountain, ...


Title: Wallaby in the Jungle
Artist: Barbara Barker
Wallaby in the Jungle was created by Barbara Barker, an artist working on the Isle of Man for over 20 years covering a wide range of subjects. This wallaby was designed to be appealing to both adults and children, encouraging an interest in this animal living in the wild.


Title: Wonder Wallaby
Artist: Anne-Marie Byrne
Wonder Wallaby is a design inspired by Manx-born psychologist, Elizabeth Holloway Marston who co-created the character of Wonder Woman for DC Comics. The design was created by Anne-Marie a Liverpool born, Suffolk based artist. Anne-Marie originally studied as an archaeologist, then spent several years in a variety of office-based jobs before ...


Title: Shoal
Artist: Kate Summerville
Primarily a painter, Kate Summerville works with watercolour, ink and acrylics to explore the sea and its inhabitants through the use of pattern, texture, colour and motif. Her design is an extension of her usual art practice, an exploration of the sea using pattern and motif. It is a tribute to the Manx fishing industry and the Island's ties to the ...


Title: Much More Than a Wallaby
Artist: Kim Gee
Kim Gee is a New York born artist now calling the Isle of Man home. She is the owner of Kim Gee Studio, providing graphic design, illustration and art experiences locally and abroad. Kim Gee worked with Hospice Isle of Man to create a custom design that represented what matters to our community as a way to celebrate their 35th anniversary ...


Showing 1-29 of 29 lots
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