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This sale was held on Sunday 4th September 2022 at 12:00pm Australia/NSW (3:00am GB)

18ct Yellow gold chain & oval link bracelet with white gold highlights, marked 750 DonnaGemma. Approx length 20cm, weight 29.8 grams,

$1,300 - $1,800 (AUD)

Coral and diamond set 18ct yellow gold bangle marked 750. Approx Pink coral size 24 x 14.5 x 9mm, inside bracelet width 56mm, weight 18 grams

$800 - $1,600 (AUD)

Antique diamond set rose gold hinged bangle marked 18k. Approx 27x rose cut diamonds, inside width 60mm, item weight 21.28 grams

$1,200 - $1,800 (AUD)

9ct Yellow gold "fancy Byzantine" chain bracelet marked Birmingham import mark 1978, 375. Approx chain width 3.5mm, length 20cm, weight 9.3 grams

$360 - $550 (AUD)

Helge Larsen & Darani Lewers 18ct gold neckring C:1970s Sydney marked H&D L, Australia. Approx 18-50mm, inside 11cm width 11cm depth, 163.8 grams Reference: MAAS "'Frames of Reference' brooch No.25 by Darani Lewers and Helge Larsen" (see makers mark picture two) See also Larsen & Lewers webpage 'Darani Lewers and Helge Larsen have been two of of the most influential figures in their field in ...

$8,000 - $14,000 (AUD)

Art Deco moonstone and yellow gold bracelet marked 14k to the clasp. Approx length 18.5cm, weight 4.7 grams, cabochon size 6.5x9mm, some surface wear to the stones, tests as 14ct

$140 - $280 (AUD)

Vintage 9ct yellow gold mesh chain bracelet marked 375. Approx length 19cm, weight 10 grams

$300 - $600 (AUD)

14ct Yellow gold twist bangle marked 14k. Approx band width 3.2mm, inside width 65mm, weight 4.6 grams

$160 - $320 (AUD)

Handmade silver cuff bangle set with sapphires and opals. Approx inside length 65mm, middle width 32mm, item weight 47 grams

$80 - $160 (AUD)

Two 14ct yellow gold bangles marked 14k. With differing "Florentined" engraving. Approx weight 10.9 grams, item width 2.7-2.9mm, total weight 10.8 grams, both items are off shape

$360 - $700 (AUD)

14ct Yellow gold 3mm flat bangle with diamond point "Florentined", marked 14k 585. Approx weight 9.6 grams, inside dia. 65mm, weight 9.6 grams, band width 3mm

$340 - $600 (AUD)

White gold fret work bracelet Arabic marks. Approx weight 16.88 grams, width 62mm, length 18cm. tests as 18ct

$800 - $1,400 (AUD)

14ct Yellow gold "curb" chain link bracelet marked 14kt Italy. Approx chain width 6.4mm, length 18cm, weight 14.66 grams

$500 - $1,000 (AUD)

Antique scarab beetle set rose gold earrings unmarked. Kidney ear wires are later. Approx beetle size 10x12mm, weight 3.29 grams, tests as 9+

$400 - $800 (AUD)

Multi gemstone & 9ct yellow gold drop earrings marked 375. Set with Peridot, diamonds & aventurine quartz. Approx length 53mm. (Unused) G6113

$320 - $600 (AUD)

Tourmaliated quartz set yellow gold ring by Tony White, marked White 9ct. Approx cabochon size 23x20mm, ring size N, weight 21 grams

$300 - $600 (AUD)

Diamond & ruby set 18ct yellow gold snake ring marked 750. Approx ring size K-L. Item weight 5.6 grams

$260 - $500 (AUD)

Coral and diamond set 18ct yellow gold ring marked 750. Approx pink coral cabochon size 18x10mm, ring size P, 26x RBC diamonds = 0.78ct, item weight 8 grams

$500 - $1,000 (AUD)

Emerald & diamond set 18ct yellow gold ring marked 750 Alessandria Italy. Approx ring size L, weight 15.7 grams, RBC diamond size 0.15ct, 12x 2.4mm round cut emeralds

$700 - $1,400 (AUD)

Antique crested seal 18ct yellow gold signet ring the seal is bloodstone and cracked, marked 18ct makers (Possibly Fairfax & Roberts). Approx seal size 9x8mm, ring size G, weight 3.2 grams

$120 - $240 (AUD)

Five stone old mine cut diamond set 9ct white gold ring, marked 375. Approx ring size S. item weight 5.4 grams, estimated total weight 0.50ct

$150 - $300 (AUD)

Columbian emerald & diamond ring set in 18ct yellow gold. Marked 750. Valuation states: 1.50ct pear faceted natural emerald (minor facet wear). Good/Bright colour. Clarity L1. 6x tapered baguette diamonds = 0.60ct, VVS clarity, F/G colour. Weight 9.64 grams O. Valuation copy available

$2,200 - $3,000 (AUD)

Art Deco diamond & sapphire ring in a mille grain setting mounted on a later 18ct yellow gold shank. Approx 5mm dia. old mine cut diamond 0.40ct, 8x old mine cut diamonds =0.09ct. Round purple blue sapphire (Ceylon type) 3.9mm dia.0.23ct each = 0.46ct total. (all estimated in the shank). Item weight 4.6 grams, ring size M

$1,100 - $2,000 (AUD)

Vintage 18ct yellow gold ring marked 18ct. Approx d end band width 2.8mm, ring size Q, weight 2.8 grams

$150 - $300 (AUD)

Vintage sapphire & diamond set 14ct yellow gold ring, marked 14k 585. Approx oval cut sapphire 6.5x4.5mm estimated 0.60ct, ring size M, weight 2.57 grams

$150 - $300 (AUD)

Edwardian 18ct yellow gold ring later set with a blue sapphire. Also set with black enamel & seed pearls. Well marked 18ct Birmingham 1901 H&S. Approx navette setting size 16x8mm, ring size R. The shank has personal engraving and the sapphire and bezel is well done

$600 - $950 (AUD)

Coral set 18ct yellow gold ring marked 750. Approx cabochon size 11x7.5mm x 4mm, ring size S, weight 7 grams

$600 - $900 (AUD)

Soviet Russian 9ct rose gold ring marked marked Hammer Sickle 375 6AM. Approx band width 7.5mm, ring size V, weight 5.38 grams

$150 - $300 (AUD)

Large sapphire and diamond set 18ct white gold ring, marked 18ct. Approx oval cut dark blue Australian sapphire 9x7mm estimated 2.20ct, 14x good RBC diamonds total estimated 0.42ct, ring size N, weight 7.3 grams,

$700 - $1,100 (AUD)

Black gemstone set 14ct yellow gold ring marked 14k. Approx ring size N, weight 2.7 grams

$80 - $160 (AUD)

Purple CZ set 14ct yellow gold ring marked 14k. Approx weight 2.9 grams, ring size N

$80 - $160 (AUD)

Antique yellow gold band for reshaping, Approx weight 1.18 grams, band width 1.9mm, ring size L, tested as 9ct

$35 - $70 (AUD)

Sapphire set 18ct yellow gold basket ring marked 18k. Approx ring size P-Q, weight 8.6 grams, basket size 15x19mm

$400 - $800 (AUD)

Pair of Oriental rose gold wingback cufflinks marked 14k. Approx weight 7.5 grams, tests as 9ct

$160 - $320 (AUD)

Yellow gold bar link chain necklace unmarked. Approx weight 7.6 grams, length 56cm, tests as 20ct

$340 - $550 (AUD)

Edwardian 9ct rose gold picture pendant marked 9c M. Approx dia.28mm, weight 2.16 grams, without the glass

$120 - $240 (AUD)

Antique 9ct rose gold wish bone brooch marked 9ct, rubbed makers marks. Approx weight 1.3 grams

$45 - $90 (AUD)

Tiffany & co silver Return to Tiffany heart tag pendant and necklace. Both marked. Approx beaded necklace length 84cm

$200 - $400 (AUD)

Pearl set white gold wingback cufflinks marked 14k. Approx weight 10.98 grams, pearl size 6mm, con caved roundel dia 17.5mm, tests as 12ct

$220 - $400 (AUD)

9ct yellow gold drop link earrings marked 375. Approx length 7.5cm, weight 5.3 grams

$120 - $240 (AUD)

Yellow gold rope chain ring approx 2.76 grams, tests as 14ct

$80 - $120 (AUD)

14ct Yellow gold Taurus pendant marked 14ct. Approx weight 5 grams

$180 - $360 (AUD)

Pair of 18ct yellow gold collar stiffeners by Tony White Marked White18ct. Approx weight 6.9 grams

$360 - $550 (AUD)

19th C. carved chalcedony fob seal showing a lion Sejant with axe & C. Likely Cooper. Approx disc size 25.5x20.8mm, will be 9ct gold with lining

$100 - $200 (AUD)

Emerald & diamond set white gold pendant C.1970s marked 18k. Approx emerald of Columbian 1x pear cut estimated 0.25ct, item total weight 1.598 grams. (Emerald was bought in Columbia, and set in Australia)

$300 - $600 (AUD)

9ct Yellow gold mesh necklace marked 375. Approx length 43cm, weight 16.7 grams

$550 - $800 (AUD)

Antique micro mosaic Colosseum set 9ct yellow gold brooch, marked 9ct. Approx mosaic size 40.5x30mm, item weight 20 grams, minor chip to border and reverse under the setting

$200 - $400 (AUD)

Diamond set 14ct yellow gold necklace marked 14k to the clasp and setting. Approx weight 10.24 grams, length 44cm

$400 - $800 (AUD)

Showing 1-48 of 509 lots
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