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This sale was held on Sunday 5th June 2022 at 12:00pm Australia/NSW (3:00am GB)

Georgian lover's eye painted portrait brooch set in rose gold. Approx size 17x23mm, weight 2.55 grams.

$100 - $200 (AUD)

Victorian rose / yellow gold locket Engraved: CFW Christmas 1874. Approx size 22.5x27.8mm, weight 7.56 grams. Provenance family of Sir Normand Maclaurin by descent. Test 18ct

$300 - $600 (AUD)

9ct Yellow gold necklace with tinsel beads and chain links, marked 375. Approx weight 7.58 grams, length 43cm

$260 - $500 (AUD)

9ct Yellow gold 6.5mm* curb link necklace marked 9ct touch. *Approx curb chain 6.5mm, length 46cm, weight 56.3 grams. D475

$2,200 - $3,000 (AUD)

19th C. two colour gold "falcon" fob seal set with carnelian. Approx weight 5.7 grams, cushion disc cut 15x11mm

$360 - $700 (AUD)

Edwardian period, opal and yellow gold bar brooch. Approx opal size 8.5x6mm, weight 2.6 grams. Tests as 15ct

$160 - $320 (AUD)

Antique Australian 9ct rose gold locket marked James Garland & Co Melbourne. Approx locket size 48x40mm, weight 11 grams. engraved GM, bruising. Provenance family of Sir Normand Maclaurin by descent

$240 - $480 (AUD)

Victorian sterling silver case without the interior, marked Birmingham 1886 L Spiers. Approx size 42x32mm, weight 11.99 grams

$50 - $100 (AUD)

Art Nouveau period 14ct yellow gold cufflinks by Larter & Co ( US ). Approx weight 4.43 grams

$300 - $600 (AUD)

18ct yellow gold watch strap marked 750 approx 44.64 grams

$2,000 - $3,000 (AUD)

9ct Yellow gold 9.5mm* curb chain necklace marked 9ct 7 touch marks. *Approx 9.6mm chain, length 40cm, weight 47.3 grams D414

$1,500 - $2,500 (AUD)

Rock crystal, enamel & 14ct yellow gold "forget me not" brooch, marked 585 maker. Approx length 37mm, weight 9 grams

$600 - $900 (AUD)

Diamond set "Buddha's hand" pendant. With Oriental marks and makers mark. pendant weight 8.9 grams. Valuation: 18ct white gold pendant. Diamonds: 1x 0.50ct "VS1" clarity, "G-H" colour, (total gemstone weight 0.60ct). Valuation copy available. Tests as silver

$320 - $600 (AUD)

Victorian yellow gold & split pearl stick pin unmarked. Approx length 7cm, weight 2.9 grams

$140 - $180 (AUD)

10ct Yellow gold double chain bracelet marked 10k. Approx weight 2.55 grams, length 18cm, width 3mm

$100 - $150 (AUD)

Antique Australian 9ct yellow gold brooch for restoration marked Aronson 9 Melbourne Reg 3390. Approx weight 1.2 grams

$40 - $80 (AUD)

Victorian Scottish cairngorm & silver brooch also set with Aberdeen Granite. Approx size 55x42mm, weight 14 grams

$80 - $160 (AUD)

Gold nugget pendant and 14ct yellow gold chain marked 585 to the chain. Approx weight pendant 0.5 grams, 1.5 grams total

$100 - $200 (AUD)

Two tone 14ct flat chain link necklace marked 14k. Approx 9.6 grams, length 44cm, width 3.5mm

$550 - $850 (AUD)

Fine 9ct rose gold figaro chain marked 375 Leif. Approx weight 1.87 grams, length 44cm

$45 - $80 (AUD)

Victorian enamel and yellow gold mourning brooch A/f. Approx size 29x36mm, weight 14 grams

$50 - $100 (AUD)

19th C. diamond & 18ct yellow gold ring marked 18ct London 1829 ET R(M?H?), engraved to the interior 1842 the rest is lost. Approx old mine cut diamond 3mm 0.11ct estimated, Etruscan revival setting dia. 11mm, Georgian ring size N, weight 3.1 grams. Well done old restoration

$850 - $1,200 (AUD)

14ct Yellow gold chain necklace marked K14. Approx length 42cm, weight 3.7 grams

$150 - $300 (AUD)

Antique Australian 15ct yellow gold locket marked Aronson 15ct (Melbourne) . Approx size 33x21mm, weight 12.7 grams. Set with 2x Old mine cut diamonds & a Ruby (not tested for Verneuil or natural), minor bruise to the reverse

$1,200 - $2,400 (AUD)

Antique Australian 9ct rose gold ring marked 9ct SHC. Approx ring size P, weight 3 grams

$200 - $400 (AUD)

Ruby and diamond set 18ct yellow gold ring marked 18k 750 . Approx 1x oval cut ruby 9.2 x 5.05 x 2.62mm, colour bright red, saturation: slightly uneven, light eye visible inclusions. Diamonds 4x marquise 0.72ct, 10x RBC diamonds = 0.20ct. Colour I-L, Clarity VS-Si. Ring size O, weight 4.2 grams. valaution available

$800 - $1,600 (AUD)

Synthetic sapphire and 14ct yellow gold ring with Austrian marks. Approx ring size 3 grams, ring size P

$80 - $160 (AUD)

Art Deco 9ct rose gold signet ring marked 9ct. Approx weight 2.5 grams, ring size N cut shank

$55 - $100 (AUD)

Antique Australian 18ct rose gold ring marked CHS 18ct (CH Schild. Approx band width 2.8mm, ring size N-O, weight 3.41 grams

$340 - $550 (AUD)

Antique Australian 18ct rose gold initial ring marked for 18c W.A Jelfs (Market street Sydney) 1904. Approx band width 10mm, ring size O, weight 6.64 grams

$460 - $800 (AUD)

Early 20th C. diamond, pearl and rose gold ring unmarked. Approx pearl size 3.5mm, set with single, old mine and early round brilliant cuts, band width 3.5mm, weight 1.92 grams. Tests 9ct

$160 - $320 (AUD)

Edwardian 9ct rose gold ring marked Chester 1909 S.U.Ltd. Missing the center stone. Approx weight 2.14 grams, ring size M

$120 - $240 (AUD)

Antique yellow gold signet ring rubbed makers mark, metal fatigue to the shank. Approx ring size Q-R, weight 15.3 grams. Tests as 18ct

$1,000 - $1,500 (AUD)

George V 18ct yellow gold half hoop set with rose cut diamonds, the center stone is missing, marked Birmingham 18 1919 S Blanckensee & Son Ltd. Approx weight 1.78 grams, ring size N

$160 - $240 (AUD)

George V 9ct rose gold ring "I cling to thee" marked Birmingham 375 1912. Approx weight 2 grams, ring size U,

$150 - $300 (AUD)

Garnet & diamond set 9ct yellow gold ring marked Edinburgh 375 1975. Approx weight 2.6 grams, ring size M-N

$140 - $220 (AUD)

9ct Yellow gold ring marked London 375 1991. Approx d end band width 4.5mm, ring size O, weight 2.6 grams

$150 - $200 (AUD)

Georg Jensen sterling silver #28C ring marked Post 1945 28c 925 s. Approx band width 7mm, ring size L

$100 - $200 (AUD)

Modernist smoky quartz and 14ct yellow gold ring, with Austrian marks. Approx weight 4.57 grams, ring size Q, light wear to the table

$460 - $650 (AUD)

Early 20th C. pearl and 9ct rose gold ring marked 9ct. Approx pearl size 7mm, ring size O, weight 2.1 grams. also set with synthetic blue spinel

$100 - $200 (AUD)

Punch set diamond and 18ct white gold ring marked 750. Approx width 3.8mm, ring size M, x7 RBC diamonds = 0.28ct , ring weight 4.2 grams. (1484003)

$1,500 - $2,000 (AUD)

Carved hematite & 9ct yellow gold signet ring marked 9ct R.R. Approx weight 5.6 grams ring size R

$260 - $380 (AUD)

Edwardian synthetic pink sapphire & rose gold necklace, also set with split pearls. Marked 15 to the setting and 9k to the clasp (likley a replacement needs attaching), Approx length 46cm, total weight 6.6 grams, gemstones 6.3x7.3mm

$150 - $300 (AUD)

Large 9ct Yellow gold bangle marked 9ct. Approx band width 6.2mm, dia. 69mm, item weight 22.47 grams,

$1,400 - $1,800 (AUD)

Fine ruby & diamond set 18ct yellow gold bracelet marked 750. Approx length 18cm, weight 2.33 grams, 13x RBC diamonds = 0.75ct*, 13x round rubies = 1.20ct *estimated total

$1,000 - $1,400 (AUD)

Sapphire & diamond set 9ct yellow gold bangle marked 375. Approx weight 21.5 grams, set with 10x mixed cut diamonds and 4x old cut sapphire, d end band width 5.4mm, inside dia. 61mm

$700 - $1,200 (AUD)

Vintage Scandia sterling silver hinged bangle marked Scandia Sterling. Approx inside length 64mm, bracelet width 24.6mm, weight 39.5 grams

$80 - $160 (AUD)

Antique 9ct rose gold round hinged bangle marked 9ct. Approx weight 10.22 grams, inside 54x49mm, band width 7mm

$240 - $480 (AUD)

Showing 1-48 of 570 lots
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