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This sale was held on Saturday 11th December 2021 at 10:00am Australia/NSW (1:00am GB)

Edwardian, sapphire and diamond bracelet set in platinum* and mounted on a later 9ct white gold gate link bracelet , the clasp is marked 9ct. Approx emerald cut size 10.93 x 12.66 x 5.66mm (estimated 7.38ct) , Set with old mine cut diamonds* two RBC diamonds are replaced at the same time as the bracelet but are well replaced. Length 16cm. Ex Percy Marks 1970s. *tests as platinum. Valuation copy available

$4,000 - $8,000 (AUD)

Antique turquoise and 9ct rose gold lavaliere marked 9ct to the barrel clasp. Approx length 42-46cm, total weight 20 grams

$300 - $600 (AUD)

Victorian yellow gold hinged "buckle" bangle set with pink tourmalines (two missing), unmarked. Approx weight 33.4 grams, inside width 56mm, width of bangle 18.4mm, tests as 18ct

$1,600 - $2,800 (AUD)

Double row diamond and 9ct yellow gold hinged bangle, marked 375. Approx total weight 21.4 grams, 58x RBC diamonds = 1.45ct, Si clarity estimated, inside length 64mm

$850 - $1,200 (AUD)

Good 9ct rose fetter & three chain link bracelet and heart padlock clasp. Marked 9ct touch. Approx chain width 9mm, length 18cm, weight 31 grams

$1,300 - $1,800 (AUD)

Vintage 9ct yellow gold bracelet with single cut diamonds, marked 9ct. Approx length 21cm, 5mm, weight 7.6 grams

$220 - $400 (AUD)

A solid diamond and 18ct yellow gold hinged bangle marked 750. Approx 25x round brilliant cut diamonds = 1.80ct, item weight 22.5 grams, inside dimensions 59x51mm, weight gauge 2.5x3.8mm. D371

$2,500 - $3,500 (AUD)

Vintage 9ct rose gold gate link bracelet marked 375 LG to the heart padlock clasp. Approx weight 16 grams, length 18cm, width 9mm

$800 - $1,200 (AUD)

Diamond and 18ct rose gold tennis bracelet marked 750. Approx 55x RBC diamonds 5.95ct total, bracelet length 18cm, weight 13.7 grams. 1355082

$8,000 - $12,000 (AUD)

Mid century 9ct yellow gold curb link bracelet and heart padlock clasp. 9ct Touch marked throughout Approx weight 45 grams, length 18cm, chain width 8.4mm

$1,000 - $2,000 (AUD)

Cognac diamond set 10ct white gold bracelet marked 10k. Approx length 18cm, width 3.3mm, total weight 8.4 grams

$180 - $360 (AUD)

9ct yellow gold and silver bangle with a raised tiger head shield set with ruby eyes. intermittent silver and gold bangles are marked 800, 9ct 375, the shield is marked 925. Approx inside width 62mm, total weight 122 grams

$500 - $1,000 (AUD)

14ct white & yellow gold heart link bracelet marked 585, length 19cm , total approximate weight 5.5 grams

$240 - $480 (AUD)

Sapphire & diamond set 9ct yellow gold bangle marked 375. Approx weight 21.5 grams, set with 10x mixed cut diamonds and 4x old cut sapphire, d end band width 5.4mm, inside dia. 62mm

$500 - $1,000 (AUD)

Art Deco emerald cut diamond ring with pave set old European cut diamond supporters. set in a platinum setting and mounted on a white gold shank. Marked 18ct Plat. Approx emerald cut size 6.00 x 5.24 x 3.31mm = 0.90ct calculated, ring size N-O, total item weight 2.2 grams

$1,000 - $2,000 (AUD)

1.00ct set platinum eternity ring marked Pt900. Approx ring size K, band width 3.6mm, ring weight 5.3 grams, set with diamond baguettes VS-VVS clarity, G-H colour

$500 - $1,000 (AUD)

Mid century diamond solitaire ring set in platinum and mounted on 18ct white gold marked 18ct plat. Approx Round brilliant cut diamond 0.65ct estimated chip to girdle, ring size P, weight of item 3.8 grams

$500 - $1,000 (AUD)

Cognac diamond and 9ct yellow gold ring marked 375. Approx band width 5.7mm, ring size S, weight 7.8 grams, diamond size 0.36ct estimated

$200 - $400 (AUD)

Black opal set 18ct white gold ring marked 18ct. Approx weight 2.4 grams, ring size O, opal size 6.9mm x 6mm x 3.7mm

$100 - $200 (AUD)

Three stone amethyst set yellow gold ring marked 14k 585. Approx weight 4.9 grams, ring size N, setting width 9.5mm

$180 - $360 (AUD)

Three stone garnet and 9ct yellow gold ring marked 375. Approx weight 4.49 grams, ring size P

$100 - $200 (AUD)

Vintage emerald & diamond set 18ct white gold ring marked 18ct. Approx emerald cut size 6x5mm, RBC diamonds = 0.30ct estimated total, ring size Q-R, item weight 5 grams

$320 - $600 (AUD)

18ct white gold wedding band ring marked 18ct Bridal. Approx weight 4.1 grams, ring size P-Q, width 4.6mm

$180 - $360 (AUD)

Art Deco diamond and 18ct yellow gold ring marked 18ct to the shank. Approx Round brilliant cut diamond = 0.25ct, ring size N, weight 2.2 grams

$200 - $400 (AUD)

Victorian pearl & sapphire set crossover ring with old mine cut diamond supporters set in 18ct yellow gold, marked Birmingham 1890 18. Approx ring size L-M, weight 2.9 grams

$200 - $360 (AUD)

Vintage aquamarine and yellow gold cocktail ring marked plat 18ct. Approx emerald cut aqua 10x6.6mm, surface wear and *etched pit on the bezel, ring size O, weight 5.4 grams

$240 - $480 (AUD)

9ct Gold "Russian" wedding ring marked 375. Approx weight 2.7 grams, ring size J-K

$60 - $120 (AUD)

Antique Australian opal* and 9ct rose gold ring marked 9ct. Approx weight 1.6 grams, ring size P, opal size 11x6mm, light surface wear seen with a loupe, * maybe a doublet

$60 - $120 (AUD)

Antique 18ct yellow gold wedding band ring marked 18. Approx weight 3.19 grams, ring size S, width 3mm d end

$150 - $300 (AUD)

Large 18ct yellow gold signet ring marked 750. Approx weight 14.9 grams, ring size Z+4

$1,500 - $2,000 (AUD)

18ct Yellow gold snake ring marked k18. Approx weight 3.3 grams, ring size K-L

$150 - $300 (AUD)

Aquamarine, diamond and yellow gold ring rubbed mark, approx weight 6 grams, ring size L-M, emerald cut aqua 7x7.4mm, RBC diamond total weight = 0.24ct estimated. Wear to the aquamarine, tests as 18ct

$260 - $500 (AUD)

Victorian cameo and 18ct yellow gold brooch depicting Pysche & Cupid, width 68mm X height 55cm, approx total weight 27.6 grams tests as 18ct, off round to the corners, tests as 18ct

$1,500 - $2,400 (AUD)

South Sea pearl, tanzanite and 14ct white gold drop earrings, marked 14k. Approx 14mm, 2x oval cut tanzanite = 2.5ct, RBC diamonds = 0.40ct, total item length 27mm. Valuation certificate available only

$2,000 - $3,000 (AUD)

Antique pietra dura and rose gold brooch showing the doves of Pliny or Capitoline doves in lapis lazuli and other gemstones. Unmarked. Approx size 25x18mm, weight 3.8 grams,

$60 - $120 (AUD)

Large yellow gold heart pendant unmarked. Approx weight 4.8 grams, size 29x28mm, tests as 9ct

$120 - $240 (AUD)

Late Victorian carved cameo and 9ct rose gold brooch, marked 9. Showing Bacchus. Approx size 26x31mm, weight 11.5 grams

$140 - $280 (AUD)

Cognac diamond and 9ct yellow gold pendant with a tiger's mask in high relief set with tests as emerald eyes, marked 375. Approx total weight 20.9 grams, diameter 44mm

$500 - $1,000 (AUD)

Pearl, diamond and yellow gold brooch unmarked. Approx weight 9.9 grams, set with rose cut diamonds, item size 37x30mm, tests as 18ct

$360 - $550 (AUD)

9ct Yellow gold hollow tube bangle marked 9kt Italy to the socket joint. Approx weight 9.6 grams inside width 60mm

$220 - $400 (AUD)

18ct white gold hinged bangle marked 750 Carniani. Approx weight 15 grams, inside width 62mm. Hinged needs a new pin

$750 - $1,200 (AUD)

14ct Yellow gold ear clips marked 14k 585 CY. Approx weight 5.3 grams

$220 - $400 (AUD)

Antique aquamarine set brooch unmarked. Approx aquamarine size 13x10mm, the metal tests as gold in parts total weight of item 10 grams

$100 - $200 (AUD)

Antique rose gold circle brooch unmarked, approx 2.4 grams, old repair to the reverse, tests as 14ct

$80 - $140 (AUD)

Mid century 18ct rosey yellow gold necklace miss struck 18 mark. With hand made oval panels on doubel chain links. Approx width 6mm, length 46cm, weight 16.9 grams

$1,700 - $2,400 (AUD)

Edwardian moonstone festoon necklace set in metal on a later chain. Approx length 43cm

$100 - $200 (AUD)

Edwardian diamond, pearl and rose gold earrings with lever backs, unmarked. Approx old mine cut diamonds =0.06ct estimates, pearl size 6x7mm

$300 - $600 (AUD)

Vintage opal & 10ct rose gold stud earrings marked 10k. Approx cabochon size 5mm

$80 - $120 (AUD)

Showing 1-48 of 716 lots
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