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Getting Started
1. How do I get started with
2. How do I register for an auction?
3. Why am I being asked to give card details?
4. Does UKauctioneers store my credit/debit card details?
5. How can I get more information about a lot I found on your site?
6. How do I know if my absentee bid was accepted?
7. How can I cancel or increase my absentee bid?
8. How far in advance should I register for a live auction?
9. Do I have to register for a live auction before I watch it?
10. What are the advantages of using's live bidding compared to other similar services?
11. Can I be reminded by email or text about the sales I have registered for?
12. What are the system requirements for watching and listening to Live! Auctions?
13. What is the difference between a 'Catalogue Only' auction and a 'Live' auction?
14. How do I bid in an auction?
After the Auction
15. What additional costs are there?
16. What happens when the auction has finished?
17. How do I know what items I have won?
18. How do I pay for my items?
19. Will the auction house package and post my items for me?
20. Can I return an item?
21. Can I upload items I want to sell via your website?
22. The website isn't displaying properly.
23. I'm having trouble logging in.
24. Do have a Facebook or Twitter page?
25. The live bidding platform doesn't display

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