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Getting Started

1. What are Lot Alerts?

Auction Alerts allow you to add keywords of items you are looking for so that you are emailed when they come onto the site. The frequency and days that these emails are sent can also be changed. You can change auction alert settings and set up new auction alerts by clicking auction alerts in "my Account"

2. How do I get started with

Using our simple sign-up forms, it's easy to create a UKauctioneers account and start bidding. Most areas of the site are viewable as a guest, but to take advantage of our great features you will need to create an account. Once you have created an account you can sign up to bid in each sale that you want to participate in.

You can choose whether you wish to pay 3% on top of the hammer price, or a flat fee of either £2.95 or £3.95 (depending on the auction house) to bid on unlimited lots within that sale.

When creating an account you will be asked to verify your email address - if you don't receive the verification link in your inbox, please check your junk folder. Call us if any issues with creating an account or registering for an auction on 01244 345933

3. How do I register for an auction?

To bid in a sale, you must first create an account on the site and then sign up to bid in each sale that you want to participate in.

You can choose whether you wish to pay 3% on top of the hammer price, or a flat fee of either £2.95 or £3.95 (depending on the auction house) to bid on unlimited lots within that sale.

When creating an account you will be asked to verify your email address - if you don't receive the verification link in your inbox, please check your junk folder. Call us if any issues on 01244 345933.

Absentee Bids can only be left on non-live sales and are executed free of charge.

4. Why am I being asked to give card details?

You will need to enter card details in order to be verified to bid - this is just a precaution to ensure you are who you say you are.

5. Does UKauctioneers store my credit/debit card details?

We do not store your card details anywhere on our site. They are securely stored by Sagepay our merchant service provider.


1. Why have I been charged £1?

In most cases, an amount of £1.00 showing on your account is related to one of our security measures to confirm the validity of your payment card. When you place your first order with us, or use a card for the first time, we may contact your payment card's issuing bank to confirm that your card is a valid number, and hasn't been reported as lost or stolen. This is communicated via a £1.00 authorisation. However, we don't proceed with the charge and the £1.00 won't appear as a charge on your statement. The authorisation will lapse after no longer than 10 business days.

2. What are the system requirements for watching and listening to Live Auctions?

An up to date version of any web browser preferably Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

3. Can I watch a live auction without creating an account?

All live auctions can be viewed without creating an account or registering for an auction... simply click on the 'Watch Live' button which can be found after clicking the tab "Bid Live in This Sale" after clicking to view a catalogue

4. How can I get more information about a lot I found on your site?

Simple enquiry forms can be found on each lot, using this form you can request a condition report, further images, or further information about the item directly from the auction house.

5. How do I know if my absentee bid was accepted?

The auction house you placed the bid with, will email you to acknowledge your bid. If you do not receive this email then please call the auction house to confirm receipt of your bid.

6. How can I cancel or increase my absentee bid?

To amend or remove a bid, simply go to 'Bids' under 'My Account' and type a new bid amount into the box to amend, or click cancel to remove the bid.

7. How do I change/cancel an Autobid

Before the live sale you can cancel or edit your Autobid by logging in and going to your account - click on Bids and then cancel or edit your Autobid. If the live sale has started log in and go to the live sale, click on the My Autobids tab and you will see your Autobids listed - double click on the lot you want to edit and cancel or edit your bid. Please Note: During the live sale you will NOT be able to edit or cancel your Autobids if the lot you want to edit is within 5 lots of the lot that the auctioneer is currently selling.

8. How far in advance should I register for a live auction?

Registration can happen at any time, even when the sale is underway but we suggest you register at least 24 hours to allow time for verification if necessary.

9. Do I have to register for a live auction before I watch it?

Anybody can watch a live sale as a guest, but you must register for the sale if you want to bid. You can still register even after the sale has started.

10. What are the advantages of using's live bidding compared to other similar services?

Our live system is unique in that we have the Autobid function AND we offer flat fee live bidding. Unlike other providers who charge 4.95% on-top of the hammer price, we give our bidders the option to pay a one-off fee per sale to bid on as many lots in that sale as they like. We also have an option on our bidding platform whereby you can choose to see the bid including the buyer's premium so there is more clarity.

11. Can I be reminded by email or text about the sales I have registered for?

Yes, when you register for a sale you will be asked if you want a reminder email or text message (You will need to register your mobile phone number if you want to receive a text message).

12. What is the difference between a 'Catalogue Only' auction and a 'Live' auction?

Catalogue only refers to a catalogue which does not feature live participation. Absentee or commission bids can be left on these catalogues ahead of the sale, but bidders cannot partake in real-time bidding.

13. How do I bid in an auction?

Where a sale is 'Catalogue Only', an absentee or commission bid can be placed using the bid form which appears underneath each lot when you are logged in. These bids are emailed directly to the auction house, who will confirm safe receipt of your bid with an email reply. Where a sale is 'Live', once you have registered for that particular sale, live bids can be easily placed on each lot as the sale is happening. Bidders can also use the 'Autobid' function within a live sale. If the bidder is away from the computer for all or some of the sale, an autobid can be placed and the system will then bid up to their top amount on their behalf. It acts exactly the same as a live bid; increasing in increments and the bid amount remains undisclosed to the auctioneer. If the bidder is at the computer whilst their autobid is running and they are outbid, they can jump in at any moment to start live bidding. When leaving an Autobid it is best practice to be consistent with the bidding increments used by the auctioneer and you will need to contact the auction house to find out what these are.

After the Auction

1. I left an Autobid but the lot was sold to someone else for the same amount as my bid.

You have unfortunately been "wrong footed". This means you held the bid on the increment before your maximum bid. Our Autobids allow you to leave your maximum bid and our system will bid up on your behalf, it does not guarantee you will get it for this amount if the bidding gets to that point.

2. What additional costs are there?

For using the live platform if you chose the 3% option you will pay this on-top of the hammer price, this will be added to your invoice at the auction house. If you chose the flat fee option you will pay between £2.95 and £3.95 (depending on the auction house) to bid on unlimited lots in that sale. This is taken by UKauctioneers on registration for the sale. Buyer's Premium - This is the cost the auction house charge for their services, it varies from auction house to auction house. Usually VAT is added on to the buyers premium but is sometimes it is included, this will be made clear in the 'Sale Details' area and the auction house terms and conditions. All this information is visible in the sale details on each auction catalogue, and on the lot page. Every auction house is different so we highly recommend that you view each lot you wish to bid on so you are aware of the additional cost that are added, and if you are still unsure contact the auction house.

3. What happens when the auction has finished?

Once the sale has ended, if you have been the successful bidder on your chosen lots, the auction house will contact you to arrange payment of your items.

4. How do I know what items I have won?

Where a sale is 'Live', and you have are bidding live or have placed Autobids, you will see your won lots in 'My Account'

Where a sale is 'Catalogue Only' you will be contacted by the auction house after the sale to arrange making payment for the items.

5. How do I pay for my items?

Payment methods will vary from auction house to auction house, you will be advised on the preferred method of payment when the auction house contacts you to take payment.

6. Will the auction house package and post my items for me?

The postage and packing policy of each auction house can be found clearly displayed on their page. We suggest you check the postage and packing policy before bidding, to ensure you are happy with the process.

In some cases an in-house service will be provided. Or if postage is not available, they may at least pack your item ready to be collected by an external courier service at your request.

Where an in-house service is not provided, they may suggest a local courier who will post and pack your item(s) for you. Alternatively we recommend MailBoxes Etc who will pack and post, or AnyVan or Shiply who will collect your item already packed.

7. Can I return an item?

If you deem an item has been inaccurately described within a catalogue then we advise you speak to the auction house it was purchased from. If you do not wish to keep the item for any other reason then you cannot return it as such, but you could consign it for sale in a future auction.


1. Can I upload items I want to sell via your website?

You cannot upload items for sale on our website. Every item you see on is offered for sale by our auction house partners.

If you have an item you wish to sell at auction in the UK, search Auction houses for a suitable auction house in your area. Click on the Valuation Enquiry button to send a message and up to 5 images to the auction house. (You have to have an account with us and be logged in to use this service) Alternatively call us on 01244 345933 and we will be happy to assist you to find the best saleroom for your items.


1. I haven't received my verification email

When creating an account for the first time you will be asked to verify your email address. If the verification email does not appear in your inbox, please try your junk folder. If you still can't see it call us on 01244 345933

2. Why can't I hear/see the auctioneer when watching a live sale?

Although our services enable auction houses to broadcast sound and video, not all auction houses use it. (Most use audio but not video) It may also be the case that the auction house has some technical reason for not broadcasting sound. You can bid without sound and video, just follow the bidding on the screen.

3. Do have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page?

To be kept up to date with auction news, competitions, website updates etc, we can be found on the following social media channels Facebook : | Instagram : | Twitter : @ukauctioneers | Pinterest :

4. The live bidding platform doesn't display

If you are getting a blank screen when trying to bid live on laptop or PC you probably need to update your web browser. Also some work places have corporate firewalls in place that block traffic. You will need to discuss this with your IT department

5. I'm having trouble logging in.

If you are unable to remember your password, just click Forgotten Password to be emailed a reset link. If you have done this and you are still having trouble, you may need to clear you cache. The process for clearing your cache differs depending on which browser you are in, so Google 'clear my cache' to find the best answer for you.

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